The rumors are true, at least when it comes to what Valve has been up to and prepping for launch at its Game Developers Conference next week.

Not only will Valve debut new virtual reality hardware, called SteamVR, and offer live demonstrations, it's also going to show off a "Steam Machine," which promises to deliver PC gaming in the living room.

There will also be new living room gaming devices and an enhanced gamepad Steam Controller to drool over. No more being tethered to a desktop as the controller will supposedly let PC gamers stretch out on the living room couch to enjoy Steam games.

Valve, which runs game hub Steam, had been denying such VR development though it had held VR demos back in January 2014. A year prior, in the fall of 2013, Valve was aiming to license its Linux system, SteamOS, to PC makers which would reportedly be sold with the Steam Controller.

Reportedly Valve will also show off its promised Steam Machines at GDC. The machines are due to hit market at some point this year.

The news arrived on the Steam Universe page as an update:

"Steam is bringing the best games and user-generated content to exciting new destinations. At GDC 2015, we'll be giving demos of the refined Steam Controller, new living room devices, and a previously-unannounced SteamVR hardware system."

Valve is calling the upcoming product launches as a "powerful new family of entertainment devices."

Oh, and for those who want to get their hands on the devices may have the opportunity as Valve's offering the chance for developers and publishers to schedule a demo during the GDC.

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