After years of silence, it's nice to finally see some consistent coverage of Final Fantasy XV. As the release date for the much-anticipated demo draws near, Square Enix has been releasing more and more gameplay footage: everything from combat to exploration to boss encounters has been revealed, and it almost seems like the only thing left to do is actually play the game.

That being said, there is one aspect of the coverage that's been lacking: the world itself. Square Enix has crafted a truly beautiful environment, but so much of the coverage has been focused on other aspects of the game that it gets lost in the shuffle.

Thankfully, Square Enix hasn't forgotten the importance of building a world - if you're one of those players that likes to take a second just to look around, the latest Episode Duscae trailer is for you:

Those who are looking for another action-packed trailer featuring Noctis and the gang taking on enemy soldiers will be sorely disappointed. This is a much different trailer from anything fans have seen before: gone is the combat, the magic and the story. This is all about the world Square Enix has created, and while it's certainly not going to get your heart racing, it's beautiful nonetheless.

The vast openness of games like Final Fantasy VII and VIII has made a grand return, and while those games were amazing for their time, they can't hold a candle to the world of Final Fantasy XV. Watching all of the different species interacting with one another is like something out of a nature documentary, and even tiny details - like certain animals sleeping at night, while others hunt - go a long way to crafting a believable wilderness.

Of course, it wouldn't be an Episode Duscae trailer without an appearance from the Behemoth, though the monster is now joined by an albino variant. Square Enix has already confirmed that demo progress won't carry over into the main game, but perhaps slaying this albino beast could lead to a special something within the demo itself?

For now, the only thing left to do is wait: there's not much time left before the demo goes live, and fans will finally get to see what's waiting for them in the world of Duscae...and maybe ride a chocobo or two.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae launches alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD March 17.

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