Ajay Ghale's nightmarish trip to Kyrat continues. In the upcoming DLC for Far Cry 4, Valley of the Yetis, the game's protagonists will have to contend with Yetis and members of a violent cult.

After surviving a helicopter crash that strands Ajay high up in the Himalayan mountains, players will have to guide the game's hero through the frozen lands to liberate and protect another camp from more foes. A mysterious cult won't take the liberation of the camp lightly and will launch counterattacks again the stronghold when night falls.

"Explore the frozen landscape and capture, upgrade, and protect your camp from a mysterious cult," states Ubisoft in its description of the DLC. "You are not alone, but will you survive? In the darkest caves, The Awakened Ones stalk their prey. Capture the camp to survive in the valley and fight this cult that will try to regain control at night."

The Valley of the Yetis DLC comes roughly two months after Ubisoft released the brutal Escape from Durgesh Prison add-on pack for the game. The Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC, which costs $9.99 on its own, saw the inclusion of a permadeath mechanic and time trials.

In the Escape from Durgesh Prison DLC, Ajay and Hurk, a character from Far Cry 3, are available to play through the game's DLC's time trials. Making the permadeath feature even more brutal, the two heroes are stripped of their weapons and thrown into prison.

Far Cry 4 launched as the fastest selling game in the series' history. While some gamers were a bit wary of the title, due to being weary of Ubisoft's consistent uses of its open world strategy, the game's creators appear to have found a way to keep the series engaging by drawing experience from the real Kyrat.

Mark Thompson, the game's narrative director, says Kyrat was chosen for both its beauty and its political instability. Meeting another human that has aeen through conflict changes the way you approach things, says Thompson.

"You think very seriously about what the conflict is and how you're going to be inspired by that to make a video game," says Thompson. "Before we went to Nepal we were definitely more earnest. We were very focused on the Nepalese civil war and what we had in terms of good versus evil was very much inspired by that."

Valley of the Yetis will be available on March 10 to PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The DLC is a part of Far Cry 4's $29.99 season pass, though it can be purchased separately.

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