Okay, we get it: if you have Netflix, you will probably spend the weekend binge-watching season 3 of House of Cards. However, when you're done with that, what's next?

Why not give your brain a spin by watching something a little less depressing and a lot more educational (although we can't argue that Frank Underwood has taught us a lot about politics).

If you're a space nerd (or even if you just have a remote interest in space), these five Netflix documentaries are right up your alley.

Cosmos: A Space Odyssey

If you happened to miss Neil deGrasse Tyson hosting this documentary series on Fox, you missed out on an enlightening and informative space-related television series. Not only is Tyson one of the leading experts on astrophysics, but he also makes this documentary fun and interesting to watch.

In this continuation of the original Cosmos series hosted by Carl Sagan, Tyson tells us all about new theories and understandings we have about time and space.

"Tyson achieves what Sagan did, though: making science fun and interesting even for people who wouldn't know an igneous rock from a composite, but without either talking down to his audience or making them think they're being held against their will in a postgraduate physics lecture," writes David Wiegand, The San Francisco Chronicle.

The Universe: Collection

The Universe aired on The History Channel, which isn't something people often associate with space, so it's likely many missed this documentary series. Using CGI and computer graphics, the series showed us the wonders of our Universe, along with giving us experts in cosmology and astrophysics educating us about our solar system, space exploration and alien galaxies.

Secrets of the Sun

When it comes to science, PBS' Nova series always proves both entertaining and informational. In Secrets of the Sun, we learn all about our nearest star, as well as how it works. The series goes in-depth about things we're just now beginning to understand about our solar system's star, such as coronal mass ejections and solar flares.

Space: Unraveling The Cosmos

This documentary covers it all: from the beginning of the Universe to its modern state, as well as what the future will bring, all the while lifting the curtain on the greatest mysteries of the cosmos. Learn about distant planets and galaxies from the comfort of your sofa.

Life In Our Universe

It's a question we often ask: is there life beyond Earth? Led by award-winning astrophysicist Dr. Laird Close, we learn about how we are searching for an answer to this and the implications of actually finding alien life. You'll find out about what the research scientists undergo in their search for life among the stars.

[Photo Credit: National Geographic]

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