We've been watching Mentos cause Diet Coke eruptions for at least a decade. So you would think that we've basically seen it all when it comes to combining these mints with soda.

Not so, my friends. Metro has uncovered a new Mentos and Coke Zero video, and it is glorious. It will amaze. It will excite. It will make you squirm.

Japanese YouTube star Hajime posted a video last July where he got into his skivvies and taped a bunch of Mentos to his body. He filled a bathtub with 50 gallons of Coke Zero, even leaving some bodies still filled with soda in the tub. And then guess what? He dunked himself right in that bath.

Now this is something you should definitely not try on your own, but it was cool when Hajime did it. Oh yes. Hajime jumped in that tub, and the soda immediately started fizzing, turning from that black licorice-y color to that sandy fizzy color that always tops off your glass. It was hard to tell if the explosion of the soda out of the tub was due to the Mentos or just the fact that Hajime literally jumped in, but seeing the Coke Zero fly out of the bottles was still pretty awesome. Who needs jets when you can just make your own?

This isn't the first stunt Hajime has performed involving Coke and Mentos. He has also used Mentos to create a Coke bottle geyser and a Coke and Mentos rocket, both of which are oddly mesmerizing.

Check out the full video of Hajime's Coke Zero and Mentos bathtub experiment below.

Or, you can watch this less-than-one-minute long video with just the highlights.

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