Will Google Tap Huawei To Manufacture Next Nexus Smartphone?


With just days to go before the Mobile World Congress kicks off, rumors about impending smartphones and mobile gadgets are swirling fast and furious.

One of the latest has to do with Google's Nexus and which manufacturer Google will choose to make its next-generation handset.

The irony here is that nothing regarding the Nexus will likely be announced during the big industry show. Neither is news likely to come out of Google's impending developer conference.

That's because Google isn't expected to launch or unveil its devices until later this year, yet it's not stopping the river of rumors around the Nexus. One such rumor hitting the frontlines is that LG and another unnamed handset maker may be the ones to make the next Nexus smartphone.

It's not a big stretch as a rumor as LG did build the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 smartphones for Google. Then again, another media outlet is reporting Huawei may build the handset.

Either scenario could bring a chip change into the mix, claim reports, replacing the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors used in past Google Nexus devices.

Another report, however, states that if Huawei were the chosen manufacturer, a Qualcomm chip would likely be part of the build.

Or then again it may be Lenovo or even Xiaomi, reports another, which also claims there will be at least two new Google devices arriving by year's end.

Given we're talking about Google's flagship device, most media outlets seem to be placing their bets that Google will go with a known partner on the next Nexus. Other new Google mobile gadgets and computing devices, such as a new tablet, could feature some new partners.

The rumor mill seems to be focused on one belief: Google will likely launch two new Nexus smartphone models, a high-end and a cheaper option.

So, at this point, potential Google partners are Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, LG and maybe, as a dark horse, Motorola. It may be easier to list out handset makers that aren't in the running.

Regarding Google and Nexus real news, in case you missed it earlier this week, Tech Times reported that Verizon will soon add Google's Nexus 6 to its flagship phablet lineup, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, and Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Verizon will reportedly begin selling the Nexus 6 on Mar. 12 and will price the phablet at $249 when signing a new two-year contract or $29.16 per month with Edge.

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