Huawei is posting promotional videos of its stunning new smartwatch just days before its official debut at Mobile World Congress.

The device, called the Huawei Watch, is being hailed as the best looking smartwatch to date, going up against the likes of the new LG Watch Urbane.

The device boasts a completely round display, unlike the Motorola Moto 360, which has a small black bar at the bottom of the display where internals of the device are located.

The Huawei Watch comes in three different main styles, black metal, gold or silver, all stainless steel. Users will be able to choose from a slew of band choices, from leather, to metal and everything in between.

The display is made from sapphire glass, and measures 42mm in diameter. The sapphire glass is a nice upgrade from other Android Wear devices that mostly use Gorilla Glass by Corning. Sapphire glass is likely to be stronger, which is important for a wearable that can bump up against things as it is worn on the wrist. The watch will be running Android Wear.

Other than these details, Huawei has kept quiet about the device, presumably waiting until its presentation at MWC. There has been no insight on display resolution and memory.

While internal specs of the device are important, Huawei has already hit a home run with the device, boasting one of the, if not the, best looking smartwatch on the market.

Fashion is something many smart watch makers have been lacking since smartwatches first started becoming prominent. Many users don't want a device that looks like a small smartphone on their wrist.

It's not surprising Huawei is entering the smartwatch market, however it is a little surprising to see the company take the wraps off the device before its official announcement. It's possible the videos were posted early by mistake. This, however, is unlikely given the fact the company also has a billboard showing the device at the Barcelona airport.

It's also easy to jump to the conclusion this device is the best looking smartwatch on the market, however it's important to note that a number of companies will be taking the wraps off of smartwatches of their own at MWC, starting Sunday. But for now it's definitely one of the best looking smartwatches.

Check out the videos below to see the smartwatch for yourself, as well as a cheesey video about friends returning to their holiday spot 10 years later.

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