With the visceral and grown-up take on the Power Rangers back online, the team behind controversial short film has released behind-the-scenes footage to show just how much work was put into parody.

The Making of Power/Rangers is a video montage of the film's creation. It shows set decorations, scenes, downtime and a little bit of post production.

The behind-the-scenes montage was released shortly after Bootleg Universe's Power/Rangers short returned online. The controversial film was yanked when Saban Brands, holders of the Power Rangers license, got wind of the parody that has received more than 12 million view on YouTube alone.

Take look a some of the work that was poured it the roughly 12-minute film:

The Power/Rangers short was removed from Vimeo after Saban Brands found about abut the NSFW interpretation of a show created for kids. The film's director, Joseph Kahn, offer insight as to why Saban Brands may have decided to attept to squash the Power/Rangers and what may have caused the license holders to lighten up a bit.

"I would say the Black Power Ranger in bed with naked girls, doing coke, then blowing the brains out of a bunch of North Koreans probably factored into it," Kahn says in an interview with io9. "The stabbing, cursing, and Van Der Beek gropey hands probably didn't help either. Then 12 million people in two days looking at this stuff probably freaked out a few people. I dunno. Just speculating."

Kahn says he feels the production is protected by Fair Use laws, as the Power/Rangers is a parody. There has been some changes to make that clearer, which may have played a large role in Saban Brands stepping back.

"I can't really talk details but you can see there are now extra disclaimers at the start of the short, new titles, and on YouTube, an age gate, and a nicer demeanor from me with an awesome new haircut. As to why they relented, I can't speculate."

Kahn stresses that he didn't intend to make money off Power/Rangers, pointing out that the short film was being distributed to fans for free.

"I had something to say with this short," says Kahn. "But ultimately I'm just thankful Saban graciously allowed us to put it out. It's the right call and I respect Saban for it."

For those who missed, or would simply like to watch it one more time, check out the Power/Rangers film below:

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