At this point, you likely know the story: WWE Superstar Seth Rollins called out Jon Stewart a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw; Jon Stewart responded, and then Seth Rollins showed up on The Daily Show to personally 'invite' Stewart to the ring.

Yesterday, WWE announced that Stewart had officially accepted Rollins' invitation and was going to appear on Raw - but accepting an invitation and actually showing up are two different things. Stewart's already got a show to shoot, not to mention one that films just as Raw goes live. Sure, the Prudential Center isn't that far away, but you never know...

Of course, Stewart showed up, and thankfully, he wasn't there to grovel at Seth Rollins' feet. On the contrary: Stewart called Rollins out on a lot of the Superstar's underhanded tactics and less-than-honorable rise through the ranks, and when things inevitably broke down, the 52-year-old newscaster managed to hold his own.

True, it might not have been done in the most honorable way, but it was definitely satisfying to watch:

You could say that the assist goes to Randy Orton for the distraction there, but really, Jon Stewart got himself out of that one. That wasn't some wimpy, half-hearted kick, either: Stewart really put some force behind that leg, and no one knows that better than Seth Rollins.

There's a whole list of celebrities who have debuted on the WWE in some way, shape or form, but when it comes down to it, Jon Stewart's debut was definitely one of the best in recent memory. After all, it's hard to top the bad guy getting kicked in the junk.

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