New Kim Kardashian Apps Are Coming!


Kim Kardashian is no stranger to cashing in on her assets. Her brand includes everything from a reality show to clothing and beauty lines. And when people aren't talking about her magazine covers that break the Internet, they are probably playing her app.

The popular mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood earned the reality star $74 million last year, and is forecasted to make about $200 million this year. So it only makes sense that she would want to continue exploring tech ventures.

In a recent interview, Kardashian announced her plans to release more apps, hoping "to have a bigger presence in the tech world."

Featured on the cover of "The Mobile Issue" of the magazine Adweek, the 34-year-old talked about her mobile gaming plans for the future. "I love coming up with different app ideas, and I have a few more that are coming out," she said. "Once you get started and you have this creative bug of ideas that you want to get out, I feel like I've partnered with the right team, and now I have the creative outlet to make that happen. I'm happy that people are into it and perceiving it well. I just want to create more apps."

While she is currently working on new apps, she also discussed the success of her mobile game, where users partake in faux photo shoots to become a celebrity like her, crediting it's popularity on her reality show as well as the fact that it's both relatable and addicting.


"I had just had the baby [North West], and so I was being really choosy about what I was working on," she said of how the idea came about. "I got a call from the company Glu Mobile to partner up and do a video game. We went back and we came up with this really cute concept that I thought was relatable and very much like me, It had to be something that fit my personality."

The idea also had the Kanye's—who is also developing his own mobile game—stamp of approval. "I asked my husband [Kanye West], "What do you think of this? What would the concept be?" And he was like, "Oh my God, you have to do a video game? It's so cool."

Kardashian revealed that she is actually hands on when it comes to the app, working with the mobile game's developers and programmers on a daily basis.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has been downloaded over 28 billion times, with people playing for a total of 183 million hours. Even though the game is widely popular, the businesswoman knows how to cash in on that popularity, making sure she stays relevant. That means creating new content, such as adding her sisters and pets into the app.

And of course, releasing new apps for the future.

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