'Agents of SHIELD' Disappoints While 'The Voice' And 'Chicago Fire' Dominate


The return of The Voice is causing problems for several shows, mostly those on ABC. Not even the return episode of Agents of SHIELD could escape this onslaught.

According to a report from Nielsen, The Voice dominated Tuesday with 15 million viewers and a 4.1 rating, which is pretty impressive. In second place comes Chicago Fire with 9.1 million viewers and a 2.2 rating. Both shows air on NBC, so with all the cancellation going on at the network right now, this is good.

From last week, The Voice viewership went up 5 percent while Chicago Fire managed to jump by an impressive 57 percent. Chicago Fire is a great show, but we never saw this coming by a long shot.

Now, when it comes down to the return of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, we thought this show would be coming off strong from a great final episode of the midseason. However, The Voice on NBC played an important factor in how this episode turned out.

According to the report, Agents of SHIELD could only muster 4.5 million viewers, and a rating of 1.6, which is below the series 1.7 average rating.

The show should be back to normal after The Voice gives way to other shows such as comedies and other new original series in the pipeline. Furthermore, as Agents of SHIELD continues down the path of the Inhumans storyline, we expect fans to pay attention more intently, especially since there's an Inhuman movie in the pipeline.

Lady Siph will also make another appearance so that episode should give the show a boost in ratings.

There's another Marvel show that is on a downward spiral despite having great episodes, and that is Agent Carter. The show ended with a 1.5 rating after eight episodes, so we are not certain if we will ever see a season 2. However, if Agents of SHIELD is anything to go by, a terribly rated first season might not put an end to the show.

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