Is Grumpy Cat too moody for you? Did that hamster eating a burrito just make you hungry? Did you just not get all of the commotion over that llama chase from a couple of weeks ago? Well have I got your new favorite animal on the Internet.

Meet Nutello the Pug. His Instagram account is better than yours.

This Switzerland-based pug's fashion game is on point. Whether he's rocking a simple pair of shades, going all grunge in a floppy knit cap and flannel or paying homage to beloved pop culture icons, Nutello sure knows how to dress to impress. Here are some of Nutello's strongest pics from his lookbook. One look at these photos, and you'll wish Nutello could style people.

Even when Nutello was just a wee lad, he knew how to accessorize.

Is he wearing the shoes, or are the shoes wearing him?

Nutello the Pug knows his future's so bright, he's got to wear shades.

 Thank you @freddydapug for nomination :D Here is 20 facts about me: 1. I'm a fawn pug, called Nutello. 2. My name means something sweet (like Nutella), someone handsome (italiano=nutello). 3. My full name is Nutello Al Pugcino (O - of Wanaby By). 4. I was a birthday surprise for my dad :) He and mom wanted a pug so badly, and my mom managed to give him the best gift in his life. Thank Her 5. My parents are newly wed and they've never lived together without me. When my mom moved to Switzerland she brought me with her. 6. When I was little, I always peed on my aunt (but only on her) 7. I love all kinds of food, but cheese... I think cheese is my favourite or chicken... I can't decide 8. I love watching The Big Bang Theory. My favourite is Raj Koothrappali (at least his voice). 9. If the shoes are not in the shoe closet, they will be in my mouth. #truestory 10. I love chewing a carpets. I already killed one. 11. I know a lot of tricks: speak, play dead, roll, close cabinets... <10 (someday I'll show you) 12. I love being photographed 13. I love long walks. My longest walk was to Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli, 6 km. 14. I always fart, but... When I eat canned food, I fart like crazy 15. I'm scared of little dogs, especially yorkshire terriers. 16. I hate flies, I get so nervous when I see them. 17. Sometimes I snore so loud that my parents have to close the windows because they know that nobody would believe it was me. 18. I love to cuddle. If I want to be cuddled, I simply pull their hands on my sexy body. 19. I love my parents more than anything else in this world and they love me too. Once, my dad looked at me and said to my mom: "Baby, I'm not sure that our kids will be as cute as he" #lovehim 20. If people don't pay attention to me, I just ignore them as they don't exist. But in general I love people more than I love dogs and I love all of my Instagram friends I now nominate @paddingtonpug @crazystupidpug @pablo.the.magnificent @magdagor @babytousha @pug_fried_rice and my newest friend @booger_thepug #nutellothepug #pugsrequest #pugs #pugsofinstagram #love #me #thetomcoteshow #dog #picoftheday #pugoftheday

A photo posted by Nutello the pug (@nutellothepug) on Nov 6, 2014 at 8:42am PST


Shouldn't he be cooking with Nutella?

Werkin' it as "Pug Lagerfeld."

Pug Lagerfeld #nutellothepug #pug #dog #fashion #style #karllagerfeld #GQ #gqcover #gqmodel #9gag #funny #joke A photo posted by Nutello the pug (@nutellothepug) on Dec 28, 2014 at 4:34am PST

Nutello isn't afraid to let his hair down.

 Life is too short to have boring hair #nutellothepug #pug #dog #pet #style #hair #9gag #AreYouReady #FuzmoApp

A photo posted by Nutello the pug (@nutellothepug) on Jan 20, 2015 at 11:16am PST

Le chien est tres adorable, no?

Bow down.

 Why you call me Your Highness?! #nutellothepug #pug #dog #king #style

A photo posted by Nutello the pug (@nutellothepug) on Mar 1, 2015 at 6:22am PST

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