Jessica Brett was born with a big mole that covered her head and this mole could become cancerous if not treated. The 9-year old had the option to undergo a skin transplant that uses a skin from another part of her body but this could leave her with a large bald patch.

Doctors instead had the young girl undergo a pioneering treatment that involves growing new skin on her head. She is U.K.'s first patient to undergo the procedure, which involved doctors putting balloons under her scalp.

It took six months to inflate the balloons using more than a pint and a half of saline to stretch the girl's skin but once the procedure has produced enough excess skin, the balloons were removed and Jessica's potentially cancerous mole was cut out. The gap was then covered by the new skin giving Jessica a normal scalp.

Although she had an unusual hairstyle because of the procedure, Jessica coped up by looking up to her short-haired idol Jessie J. She did not also complain throughout the ordeal. Her mom, Becky, said that Jessica was very brave; her hairstyle did not bother her at all. There were times when Jessica would wear a hat but Becky said that her daughter would sometimes go without it, showing how brave and courageous the child is.

The birthmark Jessica had was a pigmented melanocytic nevus, which could be partially seen under her hair. The condition only affects one percent of the population and emerges on the neck or head in 15 percent of the cases.

Although the girl from Lincoln was not fazed by this mark, doctors advised that it should be removed once she is old enough to prevent it from becoming cancerous. Becky explained that if the birthmark becomes cancerous, doctors would not be able to remove it quickly enough because it comprises a large area and this takes a long process.

Jessie had her first three silicon balloons in June 2013. By January this year, the remaining ten percent of the mole along with the balloon on her head was finally removed. Now the brave girl already has a perfect head with growing hair.

"Although Jessica has scars, they are quickly fading and she is looking forward to growing her hair out again," Becky said. "She's been amazing throughout this whole journey, taking it all in her stride with a huge smile on her face."

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