Let's face it: Green Lantern has never had it easy when it comes to big screen appearances. In fact, DC's only real effort to bring Hal Jordan to Hollywood was the 2011 flop, and the only thing the film managed to do was set DC's Cinematic Universe back a few years.

The character has seen success throughout several different animated TV shows, but nothing on the silver screen has stuck.

Earlier today, rumors surfaced that DC is already looking into its next Hal Jordan - and it's not Ryan Reynolds. LatinoReview posted a picture to Instagram earlier today that could reveal DC's pick for a new Green Lantern:

It's important to remember that this is just a rumor: until DC or Chris Pine himself releases some sort of official statement, there is no way of knowing if Captain Kirk will be taking over for Deadpool.

It does make sense, though: DC is trying to distance itself from any of its prior films aside from Man of Steel, as the publisher is just about to launch is own interconnected film continuity. As such, the 2011 film would likely be ignored with the rest of the company's previous movies, and bringing Ryan Reynolds back as Hal Jordan could introduce all sorts of possible continuity problems.

Seeing as the Green Lantern is one of the core members of the Justice League, there's no way that DC won't include Hal Jordan in its upcoming JLA movie. Whether or not it's Chris Pine wearing the ring is still up in the air, though just about anything would be better than this fiasco.

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