Google has launched its Calendar app for Apple's iPhone, with users now able to download the app from the Apple App Store.

Google Calendar was previously only available to iOS customers through Google Sync, however now iOS users have a dedicated app for Google Calendar.

The new app falls in line with Google's new design and is similar to the new Google Calendar Android app, which was launched by Google back in November along with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. At the time of this release, Google did confirm that it was working on a version for iOS, however it did not offer up a release date.

The app included a number of great new features, including "Events from Gmail," which turns events from emails into calendar events as it sees fit. These events are often triggered by things like dates and times, as well as locations.

Another new feature is "Assists" which essentially makes suggestions for fields like places and contacts aimed at helping users save time in creating events on their calendar.

Last but not least is the "Scheduled View," which makes scanning through events much easier, and shows users everything on their calendar using a timeline-style view. It uses Google's Material Design in order to present Material Design style cards to give context around a user's upcoming events.

Of course users are able to view the calendar in a more traditional way, enabling "day" and "3-day" views. Schedule view seems to be the most straightforward way to view events, however.

Google Calendar for iOS works with all calendars that are already set up in both normal Gmail accounts as well as Google Apps accounts. Basically, Google is aiming to replace the use of Apple's Calendar app on iPhone and iPad. It does not seem, however, as though there is currently a version of the app for iPad.

The Google Calendar app for iPhone is the latest in a string of highly functional and well-designed Google apps for iOS. The company is expected to continue to update and launch apps for iPhone as it attempts to make more of a wave in the iOS market. The only downside of the new app is the fact that it is uniquely for iPhone, so users who use both an iPad and an iPhone and want a single calendar app to work with will have to wait until Google releases a version of the app for iPad.

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