Motorola believes today's smartwatch device owners want the ability to customize device design -- unlike Apple, which believes it is providing the design consumers want and need.

It may seem like an innocuous difference between the two smartwatch makers, but it may well end up being what industry watchers define as a "differentiator" in one of the most competitive technology markets in play.

As of now, consumers buying Motorola's Moto 360 can now customize three aspects of the smartwatch using Moto Maker: the band, the watch face that appears when powering down the device and the custom case finish.

Tech Times reported Motorola's Moto 360 is a smartwatch with a simple but classy and stylish design, given its round look and minimalist approach. The Moto 360 led the first pack of smartwatches that hit the consumer market a year ago, but some critics initially were not happy with the display. The hope is that the next generation, the Motor 360 2, will improve on that aspect.

In the meantime, consumers buying the Moto 360 now have the ability to make it reflect their design preferences. The smartwatch provides users with a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, calendar reminders as well as email access and apps for a long list of social network interaction, from Facebook to Google Hangouts.

The Moto 360 offers a dark finish or light metal finish, a metal or leather band, and a gold or silver metal stainless steel option via Moto Maker.

"The Moto 360 is now ready for your personalized touch with its arrival on Motorola's Moto Maker," stated one reviewer regarding the new customization features.

Buyers can choose from a light, dark or champagne gold finish for the case then choose from nine different band options. Keep in mind that metal options add to the device cost of $249.

Consumers get to pick from 11 different Android Wear watch face options.

While the Moto 360 is celebrating its first year in the market, the design studio Moto Maker has been around for two years. Initially, however, it was only available to customers in select areas who were AT&T wireless customers. Now, the design service is available throughout the U.S. as well as Mexico, Germany and France.

Moto 360 owners can select the band size and color shades: black, stone and cognac. Choosing metal or gold finishes will tack on a $50 premium cost. For example, the Moto 360 basic cost of $249.99 can hit $329.99 if a user goes with a gold option and a metal band.

Motorola President Rick Osterloh said his company believes consumers should be "directly involved in the process of designing products."

That's a much different philosophy from that of Apple when it comes to its newly debuted Watch. Apple's lead designer has gone on record saying that providing consumers such choices abdicates a smartwatch maker's design abilities. In essence, Apple believes it knows better than a consumer when it comes to smartwatch design.

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