What Is Sony Pictures Doing Registering 'Attack On Titan' Domain Names?


Attack on Titan is one of the biggest anime hits of the last decade, spawning two-live action films that will premiere in August and September of this year in Japan. The anime is also getting two compilation films, one that has already aired and another coming this summer to Japan.

So what is Sony Pictures doing registering Attack on Titan-related website domain names?

As pointed out by Anime News Network, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures USA recently registered eight similar domain names related to the anime series, but with one important distinction: the Sony-registered domains add a "the" in the middle of each name. Currently the domains redirect to the Sony Pictures' websites.

There are a few possibilities here. One is that Sony Pictures USA is planning on releasing or distributing the Japanese live-action films stateside in the near future. As mentioned above, Attack on Titan is extremely popular, even in America, so there is certainly some money to be had by localizing the films.

Another, and much less likely, scenario is that Sony Pictures USA has plans for its own Attack on Titan film. This would help explain the added "the" in the series title. To Western audiences unfamiliar with the series or anime in general, Attack on Titan might sound like it is missing a word. "Attack on the Titan," however, at least on paper seems to make more sense, even if it will take some serious getting used to for current fans of the franchise.

It's impossible to know what exactly Sony's plans are for the series at this moment, but the film company is definitely up to something. The Japanese live-action Attack on Titan films will be using a mixture of CGI along with suit-mation and practical effects to bring the show's massive (and terrifying) titans to life. You can check out the film's cast in costume here.

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