In a creepy and well-produced seven-minute video, someone claiming to be from the hacker group Anonymous targeted Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

A man with a British accent appeared in the video wearing a Guy Fawkes mask — the traditional marker for the hacking group. He elaborated on the usual criticisms people have about West, namely that he is egotistical and puts down other artists he does not deem worthy.

But the video also gets more personal, criticizing West for allowing his wife to sell her body to the world. It also references West's deceased mother, stating sarcastically that she would have been proud of his behavior.

The video ends by criticizing West for not using his money and influence to improve the world. The voice in the video claims that West simply using his power to promote materialism.

"You're just a new slave that the industry uses to help keep the population in a cycle of stupidity and distraction," the voice states.

The video was released right after news broke that West's laptop had been stolen. A spokesperson for West later denied these claims.

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