Japanese auto maker Nissan is expected to launch the makeover version of the pickup truck, Titan, after around 12 years.

The next-generation Titan is set to make a big splash at the Detroit auto show in January 2015 and the latest truck may give competition to rival vehicles in the category produced by Ford Motors and General Motors.

Nissan launched the Titan in 2004 but the pickup truck struggled to attract customers and the sales remained weak. The automaker sold just over 15,000 pickups in 2013 when compared to more than 750,000 (both light and heavy duty) pickups sold by Ford and around 660,000 pickup trucks sold by General Motors in the same year.

Since the debut of the Titan, Nissan has done very little to improve the features of the car and impress customers. The Titan is available only in two models, an extended cab and a crew cab. The Titan is only available with the 5.6L V8 engine. The presence of a regular V6 engine in the truck may have reduced the price of the Titan and attracted tradesmen and fleets.

On the other hand, Ford offers both the V6 and V8 engines in its pickup trucks and also has a long list of variants available to the customers.

Nissan has already revealed that the next-generation Titan will be available with an optional Cummins V6 diesel engine. Rumors also suggest that the company may also introduce a gasoline fueled V6 engine in the next Titan.

Nissan spokesman Dan Bedore said that the company is missing a big chunk of the regular cab business. The company will also add regular cab configurations to the upcoming Titan.  

Previously, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan said that the company wants to boost its share of U.S. market from 7.9 percent in 2012 to 10 percent by 2016. Ghosn also says that Nissan's goal is to make around 85 percent of the cars in North America, which the company sells in the U.S. The makeover of the Titan may contribute towards the company's aim to achieve its target.

Nissan has not revealed a lot of information or the release date of the Titan. However, with the Detroit auto show still many months away, the company may reveal more information about the Titan in the coming months.

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