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Google’s Bluetooth Titan Security Keys Aren’t So Safe After All

If you’re using Google’s Bluetooth Titan Security Key, practice caution. The company has confirmed a security bug so serious that it’s going to issue free replacements to all existing users.

Google May 16, 2019

Saturn’s Moon Titan Has Eerie Lakes On Its Surface Just Like Earth

However, Titan's 300-foot lakes are filled not with water, but liquid methane. The Cassini mission reveals more about the only other place in the solar system with liquid on the surface.

Space April 15, 2019

Research Team Wants To Send Drone To Saturnian Moon Titan

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University are hoping to send a probe to Titan by 2025. The Dragonfly mission will provide scientists with a unique opportunity to study prebiotics chemistry as well as examine the Saturnian moon's potential habitability.

Space January 21, 2019

Scientists Study Possible Rainfall On Saturnian Moon Titan

The summer season has officially started in the northern hemisphere of Titan. Scientists finally spotted the first evidence of methane rainfall along the north pole of the Saturnian moon.

Space January 17, 2019

Researchers Find Origin Of Organic Sand On Saturn’s Largest Moon

The bizarre organic sands on Saturn’s icy moon Titan could have been formed right where they are, new research suggests. The Cassini mission discovered the long stretches of sand on the moon’s equator more than a decade ago.

Space June 29, 2018

NASA May Send Submarine To Explore Saturn's Moon Titan

The US space agency is planning to send a submarine to Titan, which is Saturn's largest moon. The submarine is going to explore the satellite's vast liquid ocean.

Space February 14, 2018

Saturn Moon Titan Has Molecules That Can Help Form Cell Membranes

Scientists from NASA detected acrylonitrile on the atmosphere of Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan. The new discovery may help researchers understand chemical reactions that have made Earth habitable.

Space July 29, 2017

NASA's Cassini Ends Date With Saturn: Here Are Some Of The Best Images Snapped By This Spacecraft

Cassini spacecraft, now in the final phase of its mission, has made a successful dive between Saturn and its rings. It is now gearing up for the final plunge into the planet's surface in September.

Space April 30, 2017

Cassini Spacecraft Beams Back Data After First Of Last 22 Orbits Around Saturn And Fatal Plunge

The Cassini spacecraft is alive and transmitting data. It successfully completed its first of 22 planned passes through the gap between Saturn and its massive ring system on April 26, before its anticipated fatal plunge in September.

Space April 27, 2017

Cassini Spacecraft Flies By Saturn Moon Titan For The Last Time

Cassini spacecraft has made its prelude to the Grand Finale with its last flyby of Titan. The probe's last encounter with the moon changed its orbit so it will pass through the gap between Saturn and its rings.

Space April 25, 2017

Bubbles Form 'Magic Islands' On Saturn Moon Titan

Disappearing 'magic islands' on Titan's sea may be streams of nitrogen bubbles that appear and disappear at random, a new study suggests. The strange phenomenon is caused by several factors.

Space April 18, 2017

Nvidia Launches Titan Xp GPUs: 3,840 Cuda Cores With Boost Clock Of 1,582 MHz

Nvidia has unveiled a new graphics card called the Titan Xp, which launches at the same price as its predecessor, the Titan X. Take a look at its impressive specs.

Computers April 7, 2017

Saturn Moon Titan Could Have Electric Sand

Titan, the largest of Saturn's moons, is one strange, sticky world, thanks to its electrically charged sand dunes. It is, in fact, one of the weirdest things there is in space.

Space March 29, 2017

Ringed Planet In HD: New Images From NASA Cassini Space Showcase Saturn Rings In Incredible Detail

NASA's Cassini probe has sent dazzling up-close images of the planet's icy rings with new details. The images have neatly captured the ring's exterior with prominence to features such as straw and propellers, which were less conspicuous in other images.

Space February 1, 2017

NASA Cassini Spacecraft Sends First Photos From New Orbit Around Saturn

Cassini Spacecraft, the NASA probe on Saturn, has started sending photos of its ring-grazing orbit mission that started on Nov. 30. The images, according to NASA, show Saturn's northern hemisphere and its outer rings viewed with different spectral filters.

Space December 8, 2016

NASA Cassini Spacecraft Begins Ring-Grazing Orbits Phase Of Saturn Mission

NASA’s Saturn probe Cassini spacecraft will be entering a thrilling phase from Nov. 30 with the mission of grazing the outer edge of the planet’s rings. The passes will take it closer to the dusty outer reaches of the F ring.

Space November 30, 2016

Watch Methane Clouds Move Above Saturn's Moon Titan [Video]

A newly released video from NASA shows methane clouds streaming across Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The gas formations were seen over the moon's northern region from Oct. 29 to Oct. 30.

Space November 8, 2016

NASA Finds Impossible Cloud On Saturn Moon Titan For The Second Time

The amount of the compound dicyanoacetylene in the stratosphere of Saturn's moon Titan should not be enough to form the mysterious ice cloud recently spotted by NASA's Cassini-Huygens spacecraft. What is the possible explanation behind this strange cloud formation?

Space September 22, 2016

NASA's Cassini Detects Flooded Canyons On Saturn's Moon Titan

Thanks to data gathered by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, scientists have detected a network of canyons flooded with liquid hydrocarbons on Saturn's moon Titan. The discovery presents first direct evidence of liquid-filled channels on the moon.

Space August 10, 2016

Decades Of Hunting For LIfe On Titan Gets New Boost

Alien life may be more likely than once believed on the surface of Titan, researchers discover. What other evidence do we have for extraterrestrial life on the surface of the largest moon of Saturn?

Space July 12, 2016

Chemical Trail On Titan Suggests Saturn Moon Could Support Alien Life

Both Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moon Titan hold striking possibilities for supporting alien life. Now, a new study by scientists from NASA and Cornell University may strengthen the case for Titan.

Space July 6, 2016

Where Might Alien Life Be Hiding - Europa or Titan?

Europa and Titan are the two likeliest places in our solar system to hold alien life. What are the conditions like on these giant moons, and what is the chance for life on each world?

Space May 18, 2016

NASA's Cassini Specacraft Explore Methane Sea On Saturn Moon Titan

A new study has found that some parts of Saturn moon, Titan, is made up of methane sea. Data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft confirmed previous speculations, enhancing existing expert knowledge about the moon.

Space April 27, 2016

Cassini Probe Returns Stunning New Image Of Saturn

Saturn is seen in a stunning new image from the Cassini spacecraft. What is next for this hardy space observatory?

Space April 5, 2016

Scientists Try To Recreate Bath Scum On Saturn's Moon Titan: Here's What Happened

What is the bath scum found on Saturn’s moon Titan? It is an entirely new crystalline material made of benzene and ethane, a new study said.

Space April 2, 2016

Geysers On Enceladus Hint Saturn's Moons, Rings Are Cosmic Toddlers

New findings speculated that Saturn's moons and rings may have formed only about 100 million years ago - or younger than when dinosaurs first roamed Earth. They pointed to the ice geysers of Enceladus and their activity to trace the birth of the spectacular rings the giant planet is known for.

Space March 27, 2016

Saturn Moon Titan's Mountains Hint What Lies Beneath Its Crust

Saturn's largest moon Titan possesses a thick and complex atmosphere that resembles that of a "frozen version" of Earth. Titan also contains mountain ranges with high peaks, but what lies beneath this moon's crust?

Space March 26, 2016

Titan's Tallest Peak Spied By Cassini Spacecraft

Titan possesses mountains over 10,000 feet in height, and the Cassini spacecraft has found the largest of them all. What makes this finding on Saturn's largest moon so special?

Space March 25, 2016

Climate Of Jupiter, Saturn Offers Clues To Earth's Past And Future Weather

You won’t need a Police Box to determine what ancient Earth’s atmosphere was like billions of years ago. A team of scientists led by an associate professor at the University of Houston said the climate data in Jupiter, Saturn and Titan offer clues to our planet's weather conditions.

Space February 26, 2016

NASA Releases New Photo Of Saturn's Moon Titan In Blue-Green Glory

A composite image of Titan in false colors of infrared wavelengths shows surface features normally hidden beneath a hazy atmosphere. The image offers a new glimpse of the solar system's second-largest moon.

December 11, 2015

HP And Titan Announce Partnership For New Line Of Smartwatches

The companies promise the range of smart timepieces to be 'responsive, not intrusive.'

Wearable Tech November 23, 2015

NASA Captures Giant Ice Clouds On Saturn Moon Titan

The new ice cloud in Saturn moon Titan was imaged by Cassini spacecraft’s camera at an altitude of about 186 miles or in the low to middle stratosphere. Its size, composition, and altitude help scientists further understand Titan winters.

Space November 14, 2015

Cassini Image Reveals Expansive Dunes Of Saturn Moon Titan

Saturn's icy surface shows a dark, H-shaped area where two dune-filled regions meet. Titan's H-shaped dune lands are so massive they can be seen from space.

Space November 5, 2015

Cassini At Saturn: The Journey So Far And What's Ahead

Cassini still has ways to go before it finishes its mission in 2017 but the spacecraft has made great headway this year alone as it observed Saturn’s moons.

Space August 22, 2015

China's Tianhe-2 Is Still King Of All Supercomputers

China's Tianhe-2 is the fastest supercomputer in the world, based on the 45th edition of the TOP500 list of most powerful supercomputers. Tianhe-2 is twice as fast as the second most powerful supercomputer, Cray's Titan.

July 15, 2015

China’s Tianhe-2 Remains Unchallenged As World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

The latest supercompter world rankings are in, and China is still on top. The Tianhe-2 is still nearly twice as fast as the U.S.-built Titan, which is ranked second. Computers in the U.S. make up nearly half of the top 500 list and Intel chips power 86 percent of the world's supercomputers.

Computers July 13, 2015

Hydrocarbon Lakes On Titan Could Be Sinkholes, Study Suggests

Lakes of methane and ethane on Saturn's largest moon, Titan, could be formed by sinkholes, NASA officials believe. What do we know about these unusual formations?

Space June 23, 2015

How Similar Is Saturn's Moon Titan To Earth, Let Us Count The Ways: Polar Winds, Liquid On Surface, And More

Researchers have found that Titan, the moon of the planet Saturn, shares many similarities with Earth. Data collated for over seven years suggest that Titan also has lakes and seas, among many other Earth-like features.

Space June 22, 2015

Saturn's Moon Titan Has Earth-Like Polar Winds

Polar winds are driving Titan's atmosphere, ejecting tons of it into space every day, researchers find. Our Earth is the only other body in the solar system where the phenomenon has been observed, they say.

Space June 19, 2015

Massive Dunes In Saturn's Titan Might Be Due To Violent Methane Storms

Scientists explain the formation of dunes on Titan. Methane clouds that produce fast methane winds are believed to be responsible for the eastward pointing of the dunes on Saturn's moon.

Space April 14, 2015

NASA Proposes Concept Submarine To Explore Saturn's Moon

Space exploration never looked so good. NASA video shows a conceptual submarine that could investigate the liquid methane lakes on Saturn's moon, Titan.

FUTURE TECH March 6, 2015

Apple Wants To Settle Poaching Lawsuit Filed By Electric Car Battery Maker A123 Systems

The report comes amidst rumors that Apple is developing its own electric vehicle to compete with Tesla.

Legal March 4, 2015

MWC 2015: Google Titan Drones And Loon Balloons Will Bring Wireless To Everyone Everywhere

Google Titan drones will take off in a few months and Project Loon balloons are making vast improvements. At the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Google gave updates on these projects to bring wireless connectivity to every corner of the globe.

FUTURE TECH March 2, 2015

Methane-Based Alien Life Form Possible On Saturn Moon Titan: How Different Is It?

Titan could be home to strange lifeforms. How would these being differ from life on Earth?

Space March 1, 2015

New Model Suggests Life In Saturn's Moon Titan But Yes It Will Be So Alien To Us: Here's Why

Researchers from Cornell University modeled a hypothetical cell membrane that can function in Saturn's moon Titan in an extremely cold environment and with seas of liquid methane.

Space February 28, 2015

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