Update 1.1.2 has finally been set free and released into the wild. However, before Destiny's House of Wolves DLC drops, Bungie has more housekeeping to do.

Update 1.1.2's features and feature fixes are still being worked out, but Bungie has confirmed five elements that will be included in the game's next patch:

  • Vault Space:  We know you need more space to collect all the treasures you gain from your missions, so more gear is on the way.
  • Raid Fixes: There are times when Atheon and Crota can be uncooperative, so we're tackling their worst bugs.
  • Audio and Visual: Not everyone wants to see or hear a game the same way, which is why we're looking into providing more options.
  • PVP Ammunition: The Crucible team wants to change the way ammo crates dictate the flow of a battle.
  • Strikes: The numbers tell us that there are some missions that are successfully completed far less than others, inspiring us to look at why people quit.

Bungie isn't guaranteeing that the above issues will be completely addressed in update 1.1.2 but stated that the five mentioned items are the priorities of Destiny's "Live Team" right now.

The concerted efforts of Destiny's developers have been divided up to play the long game. Some teams are working on unannounced DLC, while the Live Team is working to keep the core game in good health.

The Live Team's goal is to make the most players happy, said to M.E. Chung, design lead.

"Every day, we have to think about how we allocate our time. Some plans can be surprisingly complicated to execute," says Chung. "At the end of the day, we want to continue to make the experience of playing Destiny better and deliver content to keep things fresh — and boy, do we wish we were faster."

Apparently, the Live Team has been doing a lot of listening. The Live Team collects feedback in games, on forums and down the hallway, according to Chung.

"It's been a huge learning process for us, and we are committed to improving," says Chung.

Bungie hasn't committed to a released date for update 1.1.2, but says the patch is weeks out from release. The studio just wanted to let players know that it is in the works and remind them that the developers are listening.

Bungie's ongoing commitment to Destiny indicates that the studio isn't happy with resting on its laurels. The highly-decorated game recently received another honor, winning Best Game at the 2015 British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

"It's always a labor of love that we do because of the passion of the fans," said Bungie President Harold Ryan during his acceptance speech. "They really are the ones who drive you to put the energy and time into putting the game together."

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