After a long wait, Motorola fans who own the first-gen Moto X will soon get a taste of Android Lollipop as well.

Moto X (2013) owners in the U.S. can expect the Android 5.0.2 update to hit their smartphones anytime as the company is currently carrying out a "soak test" for the device.

Motorola basically tests out the impending software updates prior to the official release or announcement in what is called a "soak test" by the company. Motorola sends the firmware to randomly chosen members of its Motorola Feedback Network in this beta phase. The members test it out before the update makes its way to carriers for a final release.

If a Motorola software update is in the "soak test" phase, it is a clear indication that the firmware will be available officially soon if all goes smoothly. Now, with users abuzz that the soak test is ongoing, fans of the original Moto X are excited for a number of reasons.

This is no rumor: the news comes straight from Motorola's Luciano Carvalho, who revealed the same info on Google+ in a Q&A. On Saturday, March 14, Carvalho responded to the query whether it was true if the user test phase a.k.a. the soak test for the original Moto X had started.

"Well, that was supposed to be a secret, but who am I kidding, this is the internet, and as per the screenshots and articles out already, you know it's true," responded Carvalho.

Motorola usually does not comment officially on this program, and this is a departure from the trend for Android 5.0.2 Lollipop's release for the Moto X (2013).

Carvalho did not reveal which U.S carriers would be pushing out the update for the Moto X original. A strong possibility exists that the unlocked variant of the smartphone could leapfrog its way and be the first to receive the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop update.

With the original Moto X set to receive the Android Lollipop update soon, it will join the ranks of the latest Moto X and the Moto G (2014).

Carvalho also revealed that Motorola does not have any plans of updating the original Moto X to Android 5.1 Lollipop as of now.

Motorola normally pushes out an OTA update for its smartphones anywhere between a week to a month after the soak test. Hopefully, the wait for the 2013 Moto X users will end in the next couple of days.

Photo Credit: andsleonardo | Flickr

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