The police have arrested a man who they believe is responsible for leaving behind a backpack that contained the dangerous drug Methamphetamine at a Walmart restroom.

On Monday, March 16, night at around 8:30 p.m., Indiana State Police arrested 25-year-old Tyler Armstrong of Muncie who was suspected of leaving the backpack last week. Armstrong was taken into custody by the Pendleton District Meth Suppression Squad at a Taco Bell outlet. He tried to resist but the officers managed to subdue the suspect and arrest him.

Armstrong along with accomplice Ashley Oliver, 24, was arrested and both were taken to the Delaware County jail on Tuesday, March, 17. Armstrong has been charged with several felonies: manufacturing methamphetamine, dumping controlled substance waste, as well as criminal recklessness.

He is also charged with "battery on police and resisting law enforcement." Armstrong's bond is set at $12,500.

Ashley has been charged with aiding Armstrong in the manufacturing of meth. Her bond is set at $5,000.

This is not the first time Armstrong has had a run-in with the law. Per records of Delaware County court, in 2011 and 2012, Armstrong has been convicted for public intoxication and possessing a controlled substance, respectively.

Indiana State Police divulged that they discovered meth lab in a restroom at Walmart, Muncie. A backpack containing tools that are used for cooking the dangerous drug was also found. The isolated backpack was found in a men's bathroom on Thursday, March 12, night.

The backpack was discovered in the front restroom, which is located near the cash register. Apparently, an alert employee noticed a man with a backpack in the store on several occasions prior to his purchases pertaining to the process of making meth.

Per the cops, the corrosive acid managed to eat into the backpack and had leaked onto the bathroom's floor.

The Pendleton District Meth Suppression Squad was assisted in the investigation that eventually led to the arrest, by the Delaware County EMS, and Muncie police, as well as Walmart's loss prevention staff.

Since the incident, the Walmart store's restrooms have been cleaned by professionals. However, the restrooms will remain closed till the testing of the site is finished and it gets a clean chit to avoid contamination.

Photo Credit: Michael Allen Smith | Flickr

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