Jason Momoa is a man on a mission as he prepares to turn up the heat in the DC Cinematic Multiverse as Aquaman. The actor hasn't even made his first appearance as the Atlantean king, but already he's bad-mouthing Marvel.

This past weekend, Momoa made an appearance at the Indiana Comic Con. The actor took the opportunity to meet several fans who wanted to see Aquaman in the flesh. One fan, in particular, asked Momoa to sign a "Unite The Seven" poster after holding a discussion about DC haters and why they should join the DC Universe.

While that's all good, the shocking truth about this story is how Momoa signed the character poster. We understand that along with his signature, he wrote the words, "F--k Marvel." No doubt this is causing an uproar with Marvel fans, and DC fans are likely enjoying this little bit of harmless banter.

We should also point out that Robert Downey Jr said "F--k DC" a few years ago in an interview.

At the moment, we see a lot of people criticizing Momoa for his choice of words, but we see no issue with it. When RDJ said "F--k DC," he uttered the words during an interview, a situation that warranted respect for the interviewer, so that was messed up. However, Momoa signed a poster personally for a fan, so it was an entirely different situation.

After Samuel L. Jackson came out and stated that DC is unable to get fans hyped up for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we knew from then that things were going to get heated. Many Marvel fans and comedians hate the route Warner Bros. is going with the DC Cinematic Multiverse - and they have made their stance clear.

Kevin Tsujihara, CEO of Warner Bros., recently stated that DC movies will be darker than Marvel movies for the sake of being different and making sure moviegoers do not get tired of the superhero genre too quickly. Only time will tell at this point if Warner Bros. is going down the right path, or if the studio might need to follow Marvel's footsteps 100 percent going forward.

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