The Samsung Galaxy S6 will soon hit store shelves, and as such, the device has already been featured numerous times on the Internet. While the handset's design features have been regularly updated with news of various exclusive accessories and the new premium design that showcases it in 24k gold, rose gold and platinum, the latest news dares to expose its inner components.

The device is the latest focus of MyFixGuide, a device teardown website. The site has also published a number of photos that show a totally different side of the Samsung Galaxy S6. On the whole, it gave an impression that not only does it look good on the outside, but it also appears carefully crafted on the inside.

Before attempting a device teardown, one must ensure there are enough tools available to perform the process. The first thing needed is a heat gun. Using this tool to heat the handset's back panel for two-to-three minutes will allow for easier removal of the panel.   

Previous reports stated that the smartphone's battery is not easily replaceable, stressing the fact that an attempt to change the battery should not be performed as a newfound hobby. In the teardown website's demo, it showed there are a number of parts that have to be removed before gaining access to the battery itself.

While the demo has specifically instructed that the back panel be warmed for around two-to-three minutes, it doesn't indicate what could happen if the warming up period goes beyond three minutes. However, it does a great job in noting every step and even backs up its observations with images.

After the back panel is removed, the next step is to remove all the screws securing the middle frame. Once the middle frame with the NFC chip is removed, the next step is to remove the screws that secure the motherboard. This will then expose the device's battery, which is a 3.85 v, 2550 mAh, 9.82 li-ion variant. It also exposes the device's rear and front cameras.

The teardown demo shows that the device's main camera is secured by a fixed base. This allows the camera to have an enhanced stabilizing effect, ensuring it doesn't produce any unwanted jitter.

It also showed that all of its chips are covered by a metal shield.

It remains to be seen whether the same parts can be found in the latest premium build of the device. Announced by Goldgenie, the Galaxy S6 will be available in 24k gold, rose gold and platinum versions with a speculated retail price of about $2,500. This time perhaps, a teardown of the device's latest premium versions can be something unimaginable and will require a lot of guts.

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