Depending on your taste in television, Jim Parsons is either a comedy legend or one of the worst things to ever hit the small screen.

Parsons is known mostly for his role on The Big Bang Theory, and most people think of him as a strictly comedy-only actor. Of course, he has more than one credit under his belt, but again, most of those tend to be comedic.

However, if all things go according to Parsons' plans, his career may take on a more sinister nature: while speaking with MTV UK, Parsons expressed an interest in playing a part as one of the DC Universe's most notorious criminal masterminds...

Regardless of your opinion on Parsons' previous roles, you have to admit it: at the very least, he definitely looks like the Riddler. It's not as if his Big Bang Theory character would just be wearing a green suit (hopefully), and Parsons already has that tall body and creepy smile. With the proper costume and art design, Parsons could easily be the best on-screen interpretation of the character yet (though, admittedly, that's not saying a whole lot).

Now, the question is: does DC have any plans for a big-screen Riddler any time soon? The studio has confirmed that the Dark Knight will be making a solo appearance before 2020, but no other details have been given. That being said, it'd make more sense if Batman's adversary was the Joker - after all, Jared Leto is already slated to star as the villain in Suicide Squad, and reusing a previously-established character would likely be easier for the studio than introducing someone new.

All things considered, there's a good chance that Jim Parsons could do the Riddler, it's up to DC to decide if the character will even make it to the big screen.

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