Apple may be set to release its Apple Watch in a few weeks, but that doesn't mean it has forgotten about the big screen.

The company is reportedly preparing to refresh the Apple TV for the first time in over three years.

Apple has long considered the traditional TV experience to be rather boring, with a lack of innovation. The company has been teasing the fact it might be interested in TV content development.

In fact, the news comes after rumors suggesting the company is planning on creating its own TV subscription service to rival the likes of Netflix. If true, it would signal a new market for the company which previously preferred to stick to the tech side of TV rather than the content side of it. Apple has reportedly been trying to get a content service off the ground since 2009.

So far, Apple has offered content directly from providers such as Netflix, adding more content providers as it goes. This content has been delivered through programming channels, such as YouTube and Hulu. Developers who want to take advantage of Apple TV had to do so through AirPlay, which allows users to beam content from their Apple phones and computers.

Apple's new Apple TV set-top box will reportedly be announced at the World Wide Developer Conference in June. It will likely hit shelves shortly after that.

Apple will reportedly be updating the processor of the Apple TV, giving it an A8 chip. It will also likely upgrade the amount of storage beyond 8GB, which is how much is available in the current version of Apple TV. It's highly likely Apple will integrate Siri into the box as well.

The price of the new box is not yet known, however it will probably be more than the $69 price tag on the current Apple TV. This price was reduced from $99 at the last Apple event, supposedly to make room for the next iteration of the Apple TV.

It's interesting to think about the history of the Apple TV. The concept first started off as something of a hobby for the company, however after earning over $1 billion in sales, CEO Tim Cook says it's a little difficult to think of the Apple TV as still a hobby at this point.

Apple fans are likely thrilled Apple may be updating Apple TV, largely because of the fact it suggests Apple has not decided to ditch its TV strategy. 

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