Justin Bieber's former neighbor filed a lawsuit against the pop singer on Thursday, charging him with a whopping $1 million as an ultimatum. The lawsuit cited damage that Bieber incurred to the neighbor's house after throwing eggs at it last year.

Bieber, who recently celebrated his 21st birthday, has been charged with vandalism and is now under probation. He claimed that he repaid the neighbor and his family around $80,000 in exchange for the damage he caused.

The neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, feels that his reputation has been tarnished since the whole world now knows him as the neighbor that was egged and spit on by the pop singer.

The spitting incident occurred in the aftermath of a dispute on the singer's alleged fast driving behavior around the neighborhood. Schwartz, who filed the lawsuit almost two years after the incident happened, said that Bieber spit on his face and has been causing terror to his family with drug use, loud parties and aggressive driving.

"During his continued residence at the property...Mr. Bieber and his employees, agents and acquaintances continued to harass, threaten and intimidate plaintiffs and their family at every opportunity without justification, basis, reason or excuse," stated the lawsuit.

Apart from the egging and spitting incidents, the lawsuit cited a number of other charges against Bieber. These include trespassing, assault and battery, and infliction of emotional distress.

Bieber became one of Schwartz's neighbors after the pop singer bought a home back in 2012. According to the lawsuit, the pop singer's bodyguards had insulted Schwartz with anti-Semitic words. Moreover, Bieber's fans targeted his family with degrading messages and threats.

Court documents claim that the bodyguards called Schwartz "little Jew boy" on several occasions after Schwartz objected to the pop singer's indulgence in high-speed drag racing around the suburban neighborhood.

Bieber moved away from his residence amidst the lawsuit charges and pleaded no contest to the charges on vandalism. His probation is said to have a duration of up to two decades.

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