Hold the phone, ladies and gentlemen. There's a real-life Hellboy on our planet and he's excellent at arm-wrestling. In the world of the living, he goes by the name of Matthias Schlitte, and he was born with a rare genetic defect that allowed his right arm to become larger than the other.

In fact, the right arm is 33 percent bigger than the left one and - trust us - it shows. Growing up with such a weird arm had always been a problem for Schlitte because he was teased by the other children. However, he would eventually find out that this awesome arm of his would become a blessing in disguise.

It was his mother who got him into arm-wrestling, after coming across an ad in the newspaper when he was 16. When he attended the event, folks laughed at him because he had a skinny body, so no one thought he was capable of achieving anything. However, everyone was left stunned when Schlitte began to beat his opponents.

A decade into his professional arm-wrestling career and Hellboy is a 14-time champion with several advertisement deals. He's currently just 27 years old and already considered a legend among his peers.

"I first discovered I could use my gift when I was three years of age. We had a family oven at home in Germany and I picked up a rather large bucket of coal for the oven and carried it around for my mother, which was probably very uncommon for a three-year-old," Schlitte said with a laugh in an interview with Yahoo last year.

He went on to add that he spent many years traveling the world. His gift, he said, came from a higher power.

"I have spent 10 years traveling around the world doing what I love," he said.

"Everyone has a challenge in life. I'm not a religious guy or anything, but this was a gift from a higher power and this was my calling in life."

Whatever the case, Schlitte is a magnificent human being who took what some viewed as a disability and turned it into a life-changing asset.

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