There is always one fast food item specific to that chain restaurant that reigns over all. Of course, if you order at McDonald's, you look forward to it its famous fries the most, and Wendy's lovers may choose a chocolate frosty as their go-to item.

Burger King lovers lost their great food item, chicken fries, when the fast food restaurant decided to cut it from its menu back in 2012.

Burger King chicken fries were everything a nugget couldn't be. They were the perfect chicken hybrid between a tender and strip. They were breaded, seasoned and made into fry formation, making them easy to dip. The all-white meat chicken fries came in a cute but functional box that would hold your sauce in place.

Now, with much pleasure, we are happy to announce that Burger King is bringing back chicken fries forever, giving them a permanent spot on its menu. 

The decision to bring back chicken fries started last week, when the King sent Gloria the chicken to each Burger King location in the U.S., starting in New York City, to randomly see which would be lucky enough to get the item back on their menus.

Gloria came to the decision that all Burger King locations will be stocked with chicken fries starting Monday, March 23.

"Chicken fries have taken over their brains, not to mention, their appetites," Burger King CTO Eric Hirschhorn says. "So we're happy to tell devoted fans, and newbies alike, that we're giving them exactly what they asked for: Chicken Fries are back for good."

So, what is the best way to celebrate this announcement? By texting all your foodie friends, making sure to include the new chicken fries emojis.

To promote the return of the best menu item BK offers, the chain launched a new Chicken Fries emoji keyboard that allows you express yourself as your food would.

The emojis all feature golden chicken fries stuffed into yellow boxes with adorable faces. One mischievous box sports a mustache, while another has bunny ears and buck teeth — perfect to send for Easter.

Hop on over to BK today to get your hands on chicken fries. Now you know you can order them whenever — ahh, forever is a beautiful thing. The Chicken Fries emoji keyboard is available starting today for free download on the App Store and Google Play. 

Now, if only Burger King could bring back that honey BBQ dipping sauce for them ...

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