The iPhone 6 has been out for more than five months, and yet, people still rave about it the same way they did prior to its launch. Several companies have gone with the flow by introducing a slew of cool products that offer more unique features and functions to the latest flagship phone from Apple.

It doesn't matter whether one uses his iPhone 6 for business or for fun. With a plethora of accessories available on the market today, surely one or more of these products will not fail to catch the attention of eager consumers.  

Here are some of the best iPhone 6 accessories that are available on the market today.

Moleskine Smart Notebook ($23.79). This is the type of accessory that is perfect for people who enjoy taking handwritten notes but want something that can easily be searched through. The Moleskine Smart Notebook features Evernote's Page Camera, which is designed to capture the pages of the notebook through the iPhone's camera. Once the pages are captured, it's easy to digitally organize notes. It also comes with "smart stickers" for easy paper tagging, which could also help in future searches.

Maven Power Case ($100). The Maven battery case from Lenmar is a great way to extend the iPhone 6's battery life. This case has a built-in 3000 mAh battery that can more than double the power of the iPhone. It's also MFi-certified, which means that it will not heat up the phone. In addition to being lightweight, other features include charging and syncing capabilities, optimized speaker channels and a cool "X" display that shows the battery's charge level.

Jabra Freeway ($100). Jabra Freeway is the business-class version of the Bluetooth car speakerphones that clip onto the vehicle's visor. It's a perfect accessory for those who spend a lot of time inside their car and on their phone. Its notable features include FM transmitter, dual-mic noise cancellation and three-speaker virtual surround sound.

Six-Foot-Long Lightning cable ($32). This lightning cable from Apple is dubbed a "lifesaver" for anyone who likes to use his iPhone before going to bed. Most people, perhaps those who are too busy throughout the day to even take a short glance at their phones, would relish the thought of finally being able to check social media or watch the latest TV offering from Netflix at bedtime. However, that can be a struggle if the charging cable is too short to reach from beneath a nightstand up to the bed.


PhotoFast's i-Flash Drive HD ($169). Indeed, sharing videos, music and other files has never been easier with the i-Flash Drive HD from PhotoFast. It allows the user to directly upload files to the cloud or share them through email. When there's no Internet connection, the user can take advantage of the i-Flash Drive's dual-sided feature, which sports a lightning dock on one side and a standard USB on the opposite. With the help of the PhotoFast app, it's easy to select files to load onto the drive. The same transferring feature can be used when files are coming from a PC. In other words, the i-Flash Drive is great for iPhone-to-PC file-sharing and vice versa.

iClever IC-F40 Wireless FM Transmitter with USB Car Charger ($30). The IC-F40 Wireless FM Transmitter uses a wired connection through the headphone jack instead of Bluetooth when playing audio that comes from the phone on the car stereo. The latest feature for this type of accessory is the auto-scan, which allows an easier means for tuning to an empty FM station on his car radio to transmit audio. It even allows a user to take hands-free calls through the car stereo.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer ($149.95). Withings is a company that specializes in a number of wireless health accessories that are designed specifically for the iOS ecosystem. These include baby monitors, fitness trackers, wireless blood pressure monitors and "smart sleep systems." The WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer is one of the coolest scales available on the market today. This type of scale easily links to an iOS app and keeps track of the user's fitness levels. In addition to monitoring weight, it can detect a person's BMI, body fat percentage and heart rate. It even monitors indoor air quality. Moreover, it can be used by the whole family because it recognizes up to eight different profiles.

Incipio's Wireless Smart Lamp Adapter ($25). This type of accessory is reminiscent of future homes that are inspired with the IoT. This is due to the device allowing the user to control the lights in his home using the iPhone. With the integration of the Incipio Direct app and some built-in Siri voice commands, it is even possible to preset various types of mood lighting around the house.

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