How To Install Xbox One Games To Hard Drive Faster


The Xbox One is a great console, but it suffers from a very interesting problem that Microsoft is finding difficult to fix. Since its launch, fans have been complaining about how long it takes for games to install to the hard drive from the game disc — well, we might have a workaround.

The reason for the slow install time has nothing to do with whether or not the Xbox One comes with a slow internal hard drive. Chances are, if a user chooses to add an SSD drive to the system, he/she might only experience slight improvements in installation performance.

Why is this?

Well, it all comes down to the mistakes Microsoft made when developing the Xbox One. Many of those choices have since disappeared since launch, but this one is still around, and it is causing significant problems.

The Xbox One was designed to be always connected to the Internet. It means that every time a new game disc is placed in the console, the system makes the decision to download and install the game updates along with installing the game on the hard drive. If a game has over 500 MB worth of updates, the installation of the core files will not be finished until that 500 MB is downloaded and installed.

To get rid of the long installation process, simply go into offline mode on the Xbox One, and voila, problem solved. At the end of the day, the user will still have to download those updates, but at least with this option, they can play their favorite title while updates are being downloaded in the background.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, knows this is a huge issue and has promised to have it fixed. However, no one is certain at this moment as to when users should expect an official fix. We suspect it might take a while, so until then, Xbox One owners may have to rely on our workaround.

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