Bungie is preparing to "embiggen" vault space in update 1.1.2 to expand the maximum slots for armor by four, weapons by 16 and general items by four. This means gamers will be able to store 24 armor pieces, 36 weapons, and 24 general items in their vaults.

Most players have plenty of room for happiness left in their vaults, according to John Hopson, Destiny's user research lead. The endgame players make of the majority of those who are out of space, though people of all levels are entrenched in the storage wars.

"Even at lower levels, there's a small but measurable fraction of players under level 20 who have full Vaults," says Hopson. "You could charitably think of them as 'collectors' or uncharitably label them as 'packrats,' but some people just flat out like holding onto their stuff."

Adding to Live Team's already mounting pressures, Hopson says he too is ready for the Pocket Infinity bounty so that he can put his 10 rare fusion rifles to use.

With the House of Wolves update nearing, Live Team Lead M.E. Chung says her group understands that it has to add more vault space before the content drop delivers all of the new exotics the team has been creating.

As with previous updates, Bungie wants to ensure that the expansion of vault space suits the greatest number of players for now. The Live Team has been trying to ensure that the storage increase doesn't hit the game's memory limits too hard, so there has been collaboration with the teams working on unannounced content, according to Chung.

"We opted for making sure that players would have enough slots for all Exotics from Launch through House of Wolves - thus the largest increase in slot space is for weapons," says Chung.

While Bungie isn't guaranteeing all of the following elements will be fixed by the time update 1.1.2 arrives, here's a recap of what the developer would like to address in it:

Raid Fixes: There are times when Atheon and Crota can be uncooperative, so we're tackling their worst bugs.

Audio and Visual: Not everyone wants to see or hear a game the same way, which is why we're looking into providing more options.

PVP Ammunition: The Crucible team wants to change the way ammo crates dictate the flow of a battle.

Strikes: The numbers tell us that there are some missions that are successfully completed far less than others, inspiring us to look at why people quit.

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