WhatsApp is working on an easier and simpler way for users to back up and restore their chat history. A leaked screen shot shows that the entire process of backing up and restoring chats will now be done through the use of Google Drive.

Currently, the backup and restore function of WhatsApp involves quite a long chain of steps and needs a certain level of geeky know-how. First, the user has to search for the backup option. Next, he needs to find the folder either on the phone's internal memory or SD card. Then, he has to move the folder over to the new phone. Lastly, he can start installing WhatsApp and hope that, once installed, it would recognize the backup and will send a notification on restoring past messages.

The screen shots showing the Google Drive integration were revealed by Android Police, which also noted the existence of a timestamp for the last backup done in Drive and the corresponding delete option. It also shows the original text having been translated to English.

The translated text reads:

1. A cellular data network is required to back up data to Google Drive

2. Tap to give WhatsApp permission to back up chat history to Google Drive

3. Back up your chat history to Google Drive. Your media (except your videos) will be backed up as well

4. Connect to Wi-Fi to back up to Google Drive, or change your settings to allow backups over cellular

5. Couldn't reach Google Drive. Check your phone's Internet connection and tap "%0.91€s"

Based on the text, the backup function involves backing up chat history and media except video files. Users who need to back up their videos must therefore look for another way to do it. The restoring function is offered only once, when the app is launched on a new device. Users who are keen on restoring their chat message should accept the offer since the old backup will be gone if the user doesn't accept.

"Restore your chat history from Google Drive. If you don't restore now, you won't be able to restore later."

There is no information yet on when the feature will be released. It should be noted that the Google Drive integration means that the feature initially only works with Android devices. Perhaps the developer will add iCloud support for iPhone users, although that would be a totally different story.

Photo: Sam Azgor I Flickr

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