For those who cannot beat the urge to snap a selfie at least twice a day, the selfie stick quickly has become a necessity for showing off your full body shots, your outfit of the day or the perfect group shot.

And while the bans on the selfie stick continue, it's no joke that this silly smartphone accessory is probably one of the smartest inventions for millennials. Motorola goes as far as calling its selfie stick a work of art.

Proving they have a sense of humor, Motorola pokes fun at the accessory in honor's of April Fool's Day in a hilarious parody video.

The video,created by DigitasLBi and Tool Director Shawn Z,  is is set in a workshop, where two craftsmen create artisan selfie sticks from wood and leather.

"A selfie stick is a branch of self expression," the craftsmen says as he begins to carve the stick from wood. "To take something in such a raw form and craft it into one of the most practical and useful accessories around, it's like when the sun turns the rain into a rainbow," he adds in all seriousness.

How could we not laugh?

The second craftsmen prefers leather, saying that "The selfie stick is not just an accessory" to him. "It's an extension of who you are."

The men are shown measuring and analyzing their creations with a deep attention to detail as dramatic, emotional music plays in the background.

Of course, the challenge when crafting the selfie stick is having it work for people who have short and long arms, not to mention those who are left- and right-handed.

"To me, an artist is only as good as his brush," the leather craftsmen says while hand sticking the leather around the stick. "The selfie is only as good as its stick."

Watch the Motorola parody below.

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