As you've been surfing the Internet today, you've probably noticed that the web looks like it has lost its darn mind. Some news seems so ridiculous, it can't possibly be true, while other tidbits seem so ridiculously awesome, you wish they were legitimate.

That must mean it's April Fools' Day.

It's hard enough to discern what's fact from fiction on a daily basis on the Internet, but on April Fools' Day you're basically forced to assume that nothing is real for 24 hours. We're almost there, folks. Together, we can get through this. Breathe.

However, once you get past the sheer annoyance and frustration of falling for joke after joke as you check your email or scroll through your Twitter feed, you'll notice that some of these pranks are actually pretty fun. You could do worse on a Wednesday. You really could.

This year, companies brought it with their April Fools' Day pranks. From bogus product launches to reviving antiquated software to a million new ways to take selfies, this year's April Fools' Day pranks may trick you at first, but they will definitely bring a smile to your face too.

Here are the best April Fools' Day 2015 pranks from around the web.

Backwards Google

Miz Mooz Selfie Shoes

Game of Thrones Clue Sold By ThinkGeek

Play PAC-MAN In Google Maps

The Target FannyBasket For Hands-Free Shopping

Smartbox By Inbox By Gmail By Google Smart Snail Mailbox

MS-DOS Mobile App For Windows Phone

T-Mobile Pets Un-Leashed Mobile Data Plan For Pets

Petbox Pet Movie Rentals From Redbox

Netflix Wants You To "Binge Responsibly"

This April Fools' Day, Netflix has launched a "Binge Responsibly" campaign. If you watch more than two consecutive episodes of a TV show on the streaming platform, a video will suddenly pop up featuring a star from one of Netflix's Original Series. Bloodline's Linda Cardellini, Orange is the New Black's Selenis Leyva or House of Cards' Michael Kelly will try to encourage you to press pause and go do something more productive with your time, such as going to work, doing your homework or taking a shower. You know, less important stuff.

Amazon Reverted Back To Its 1999 Homepage

Sony PlayStation Flow Wearable Tech For Underwater Immersive Gaming

Groupon's Grouber App Is An On-Demand Car Service With Feline Drivers

Unleashed By Petco Selfie Sticks For Pets

Google Fiber's Dial-Up Mode

Tumblr ExecutiveSuite 2016 Business Software

Hinge Playdate App For Toddlers

Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge Smart Knife With Smartphone Capabilities

CERN Researchers Confirmed That The Force Exists

The Google #ChromeSelfie Allows You To Document Your Visual Reactions To The News

Richard Branson Announced The Virgin Group's U.S. Operations Will Move To Branson, Mo.

The Google Panda Voice-Enabled Search Tool Is Incredibly Cute

Domino's UK Will Deliver Your Pizza With A Robot

Honda HR-V Selfie Edition

Ancient Airbnb Locations

Twitter Twelfie Stick

IKEA Selfie Stick Holder

Uber For Tinder

Tinder For Uber

Hailo Piggyback Service

HTC RE Sok Smart Sock

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