Everybody loves Easter eggs. No, not the chocolate-filled kind (though, those are pretty amazing) — the hidden secrets and jokes that creators love to hide in their work.

It doesn't really matter if it's a video game, a TV show or a film — fans love trying to find all the little secrets buried in entertainment, hoping that they'll find a special something the creators left behind.

Of course, logging every Easter egg in entertainment would be nearly impossible — there can be dozens of secrets hidden in a single video game or season of a TV show.

So, we've taken a look at the best Easter eggs instead: whether it's an extremely well-hidden secret, a nod to other projects or just plain hilarious, we've rounded up some of the best TV and gaming secrets out there.

The Office: Seasons 1-9

For a long time, The Office was one of the funniest shows on television. While many agree that the show overstayed its welcome, the first several seasons still hold up as some of the best comedic writing ever on TV. Of course, the show was chock full of Easter eggs, with the series finale being a goldmine all on its own. Even 10 years later, it seems like The Office still has a few secrets left up its sleeve.

Gotham: Series Premiere

Batman's got a lot of history — the Caped Crusader has been saving Gotham City for over 75 years now — and it only makes sense that Gotham is full of nods and subtle nods to its comic book inspiration. The series premiere itself was packed to the brim with DC Comics Easter eggs, and the subsequent episodes were no different. At this rate, the second season of Gotham could be more Easter egg than actual plot.

Better Call Saul: Episodes 1-2

As a spin-off of Breaking Bad, fans had a lot to look forward to. Not just because Better Call Saul looked fantastic but because the show was almost guaranteed to be full of references to the classic drama that inspired it. Sure enough, the first two episodes were full of references to Breaking Bad and helped cement the idea that the two shows took place in the same world.

Dying Light

There's plenty to poke fun at when it comes to video games — for three decades, games have taken players on some of the weirdest, most surreal journeys imaginable. Dying Light not only pays homage to some of the games that inspired it, but also the movies and books as well. So many games take themselves too seriously; Dying Light seems to poke fun at the very notion of an Easter egg.

Flash: Season 1

With just one season under its belt, Flash has proven yet again that CW knows how to do DC's heroes right. As was the case with Gotham, the producers snuck plenty of references to the show's comic book origins all throughout the first season. However, these aren't just subtle nods to characters and locations but possible hints at coming storylines and crossovers.

Community: Seasons 1-5

While Community may have struggled to find a steady audience, it was always a hugely funny and clever show about a bunch of middle-aged college students. The show also featured some of the most well-hidden Easter eggs on all of television, with some jokes taking years to come to fruition. The show's attention to detail was unrivaled — you'll be amazed at just how much you missed.

As if there wasn't enough of a reason to go back and binge-watch some of your favorite shows (or play through Dying Light again), now you can keep an eye out for all of the hidden stuff you missed the first time around!

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