'Mortal Kombat X' Complete Roster Revealed


At last.

Mortal Kombat fans have been given names from the latest game's roster piecemeal, with a few playable characters being announced here and a few there. But NetherRealm has been pretty stingy with with the full list — until now. With Mortal Kombat X scheduled to arrive on April 14, 2015, the time is right.

The roster was revealed on the latest Kombat Kast live stream via Twitch, entitled "Episode 8: MKX Anytime, Anywhere." 

There, a team of developers from NetherRealm showed off a screenshot of the full roster with very little fanfare, joking that fans can stop photoshopping their own character images into the empty slots on the selection screen now. (Past Kombat Kast episodes showed the selection screen with blacked-out slots.)

There are a total of 24 standard playable characters right out of the box. Goro can be added to your list if you pre-order the game, while a DLC "Kombat Pack" gives you Predator of the Predator movies, Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th, Tonya and Tremor. This means your complete roster could reach 29 playable characters.

Until later DLC packs are announced, of course.

Here's your complete, unabridged, exhaustive list of all 29.

• Cassie Cage
• D'Vorah
• Ermac
• Erron Black
• Ferra/Torr
• Goro ♦
• Jacqui Briggs
• Jax
• Johnny Cage
• Kano
• Kenshi
• Kitana
• Kotal Kahn
• Kung Jin
• Kung Lao
• Liu Kang
• Mileena
• Quan Chi
• Predator ◊
• Raiden
• Reptile
• Scorpion
• Shinnok
• Sonya Blade
• Sub-Zero
• Takeda
• Tanya ◊
• Tremor ◊
• Jason Voorhees ◊

Comes with pre-order.
Comes with purchase of "Kombat Pack" DLC.

If you'd like to see the devs announce the roster, cue up the video below to the 21:19 mark.

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