Perhaps no company can match Apple when it comes to juicy rumors flying around the Web and the pending release of the company's next-generation iOS 8 operating system has Apple Nation in a feeding frenzy over the last few weeks.

While we are still quite a few weeks away from the early June date of Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, at which the company is expected to unveil iOS 8 details, we thought we'd do a little spring cleaning of all the latest rumors around the highly anticipated new OS.

iTunes Radio Refresh: As reported by Tech Times earlier this week iTunes Radio gets its own app in iOS 8. In order to use iTunes Radio in iOS 7 users have to go into the music application and select iTunes Radio from one of the tabs - in other words it's kinda buried. Giving the app life on the home screen as part of iOS 8 should help the service grow much more quickly.

Speed Thrills: Seeing as the typical gadget user finds a split second too long a time period to wait for an app to open, Apple is reportedly working to improve the speed of iOS 8, particularly when to comes to the opening and closing of apps. Adding more stability and streamlining navigation with the new OS are also allegedly part of the mix as well. Yes, we know, every second counts today.

CarPlay to work over Wi-Fi: As you all know, the existing CarPlay platform only works when connected to a Lightning cable limiting your ability to move it around your car. The rumored wireless CarPlay seemingly planned for iOS 8 will set this feature free. We're pretty sure this update was originally planned for iOS 7 but didn't make the cut last year. But rest assured, it appears to have done so this time around.

App Talk: Well, we'll see about this one but the scuttlebutt is that Apple has been testing a functionality that would allow its App Store apps to communicate with one another better - essentially share data for lack of a better explanation. Say you edit one of your images using a future photo-editing app - perhaps that app would now allow you to push that manipulated image for upload via the Facebook or Instagram apps. This isn't necessarily a new development, as it has been in the works for a quite a while now, but the latest leak is it may finally be ready for release in iOS 8.  We'll see.

As is always the case with Apple, the boat carrying anything new always seems to spring a few leaks and we're sure they'll be a quite a few more between now and June. Stay tuned as we'll be at the ready as leaks spring anew in the coming weeks.

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