Oh, how we love to capture our favorite TV show moments and create GIFs to explain exactly how we feel. But if you don't know how to make your own, you can spend hours searching for the right one to express how you are feeling on Tumblr.

Luckily, if you are obsessed with TV show GIFs, then Hulu just made your life so much easier. On Monday, April 6, the online streaming service launched a new site that allows people to search for GIFs from the top TV shows that are licensed to Hulu.

The site, The Perfect GIF, allows users to manually search for a specific tag or show, or browse through three main categories of GIFs: Shows, Actions, and Reactions.

The search bank in the Show tab is organized by popular shows or in alphabetical order so that you can find the perfect GIF easily.

Popular shows include: Community, The Blacklist, Empire, Star Trek: The Original Series, The Voice, Parks and Recreation, Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, The X-Files, and more.

Once you click on the show you love, you can further search by hashtags like #NBC and #OMG. You can then post the GIF on Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, download it or email it.


If you are looking for the perfect GIF to explain you cleaning, dancing, or working out, then browse through the Action section and click on the appropriate hashtag.


Want to tell your bff that you are so over them getting back with their ex, then use the Reactions section and again filter the GIF you want by hashtags.


Not only is it a time saver to find the images from the top TV shows, but the quality of the GIF will be better than if you made them yourself since Hulu has licensing for these images.

This site can get addicting once you start searching and browsing for all your favorite TV shows and the priceless faces these characters make. Let the GIFing begin!


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Photo: Hulu

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