Windows XP users are not impressed. Microsoft has hit them with a good dose of doom and gloom, mocked them, teased them, and now, it's begging them. Please, God, I'm begging you - leave Windows XP! cries Microsoft, $50 gift cards in hand. XP users pursed their lips like McKayla Maroney and said, We are not impressed.

Sorry, Microsoft, but that's still the verdict. Windows XP users didn't spring for Vista or Windows 7, so what makes Microsoft think they'll go for Windows 8.1? XP users are the very definition of the word "holdout" and it's clear that they aren't giving up on XP until it draws its last breath. Microsoft thought it would be easy - just tell XP users that they'll be in danger once April 8 hits and support ends. That will get them moving! But it didn't.

So Microsoft appealed to its tech savvy customers to save their silly XP using friends - who were clearly still living in the dark ages, by the way - from a life time of misery, dealing with XP-related problems. Needless to say, many XP users actually read that post and were deeply offended. Microsoft's tactic backfired and they dug their heels in deeper, openly expressing their dislike of Windows 8.1.

Then Microsoft went back to the doom and gloom forecast, mixed it with promises of how awesome Windows 8.1 is and issued regular updates on PCs still running XP to warn about the cut off date. Now, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops with a $50 gift card for all XP users who switch to Windows 8.1. Microsoft will even transfer their data for free. Isn't that sweet? Sure, except for the part that the $50 gift card is only applicable when you buy one of the 16 Windows 8.1 devices listed on the website. XP users get their choice of four different laptops, four all-in-ones, four 2-in-1 convertibles or four tablets.

The cheapest option, the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet, costs $230 normally and the $50 gift card can't be applied toward the cost of the device. The other 15 options are more expensive and the $50 discount comes off as a weak incentive to make the switch.

XP users continued to shake their heads.

So, what will it take to make Windows XP users give up the old operating system? The absolute death of their devices - no more, no less.

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