Selfies let us capture fun moments between friends, families and, well, ourselves and share them for all the world to see. Selfies get even better when you add cute animals into the mix. Cats, dogs, fish, hamster, bunnies, you name it.

Animals were made for selfies. Who doesn't want to see you driving down the road with your best canine buddy? Everybody does, especially if said canine buddy is currently in the act of projectile vomiting.

That's what happened to one Twitter user the moment she went to snap a selfie with her dog. The rest is Internet history.

The picture has been spreading like wildfire over the social web and with good reason. That vomit is like a beautiful greenish yellow waterfall, cascading down a majestic mountain peak. Okay, not really. It's actually super gross, but somehow impossible to look away from. Even worse than staring at this picture of vomit frozen in time is imagining the aftermath. Vomit all over the car. Vomit all over your clothes. Vomit all over your phone. Vomit all over the dog. Vomit everywhere. So why is the dog throwing up everywhere? Who knows, but some people on the web are concerned for the dog's safety. The woman who uploaded the picture? Not so much.

If nothing else, at least we all got a good laugh out of it. Heck, even the dog probably thought it was funny. Dogs are cool like that.

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