Google is reportedly looking into developing new battery technology — likely to be used for its consumer electronics. The company has assembled a team to test and develop better batteries for use in Google products. But what could it be used for — apart from things like the Nexus series of smartphones?

There are some obvious parallels to be made with Tesla here. Tesla has developed its own powerful battery technology, which it is now using in its electric cars — building a network of charging stations around their use. What's more, the company is reportedly preparing to announce a battery that will power a user's home.

Google is, of course, developing an electric car of its own. The company has been very public about its self-driving car, which is also electric. It is highly likely that any advanced battery tech the company develops will eventually find its way into its autonomous car as well.

As of now, it seems as though the Google X team developing the battery technology is rather small, with only four people on the job. That does not, however, mean the project is any less important. A breakthrough battery could have enormous implications for the tech world as companies seek cleaner, more efficient ways to generate power.

It's also highly likely that the technology is being developed for mobile devices, such as the company's Nexus line. Google CEO Larry Page has talked about mobile phone battery technology in the past, saying battery life for smartphones is a "huge issue," and that there is "real potential to invent new and better experiences."

Google is dreaming much bigger than simple smartphones, however. According to Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj, an ex-Apple employee and the head of Google's battery-development team, Google has at least 20 different battery-dependent projects, many of which the public knows nothing about.

Google wants to take much more control of its own future — especially as it continues to develops technology along the lines of electric cars and drones.

Google Glass could also be a target product for the battery tech, especially when it comes to things like video recording, which takes up quite a bit of power. Moonshot projects like Project Loon, which is designed to bring Internet access to those that don't have it, will also benefit from better battery technology.

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