If you love grilled cheese odds are you're having more sex than those who don't, you're more charitable and more adventurous.

That's the claim of a new survey conducted by social and dating site Skout on what sandwich preferences illustrate about a person's lifestyle and personality. The report polled 5,000 adults on their love for the simple grilled cheese sandwich and personal attributes and activities.

The report, done in the honor of National Grilled Cheese Day (which was Sunday), notes 73 percent of those loving gooey cheese sandwiches have sex at least once a month as compared to those who don't love grilled cheese - just 63 percent of that group has sex at least once a month.

When it comes to having sex at least six times a month, 32 percent of grilled cheese fans are getting busy compared to 27 percent who don't like grilled cheese.

When it comes to travel and seeking adventure, a good number of grilled cheese aficionados, 84 percent, are into hitting road compared to 78 percent who are not fans of grill cheese.

It's not such a big leap to say that not only are grilled cheese lovers get more sex, they're likely getting better sex given the adventuresome spirit. But that's just an aside surmise as the survey doesn't note quality of sex, just quantity of sex.

When grilled cheese lovers aren't busy getting some love, they're more likely to be busy helping others. The survey claims 81 percent of the sandwich lovers have donated money, food and time to charitable organizations. Just 66 percent of non-grilled cheese lovers can claim the same charitable nature.

The primo choice when it comes to a grilled cheese sandwich, by the way, is a meld of American and cheddar cheese on white bread with the crust intact. Just over half of those polled, 51 percent, favor white bread, with wheat landing second (29 percent), sourdough landing in third with 13 percent and just 4 percent choosing rye bread.

Though over half don't like or want a topping on the grilled cheese sandwich, 47 percent do layer on extras such as pesto and tomato.

It's almost enough reason to start grilling up the cheese and bread delectable, which is often served with nourishing tomato soup, though the survey didn't delve into that aspect at all.

Oh, one last statistic: of all adults polled, 86 percent admit they love grilled cheese.

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