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Nick Viall Gets Engaged To Vanessa Grimaldi To Conclude ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

Leading guy Nick Viall has chosen Vanessa Grimaldi as wife in the conclusion of 'The Bachelor' reality show. Viall has picked Grimaldi over Raven Gates, the other woman vying for Viall’s love.

Movies/TV Shows March 15, 2017

Cannot Spot That Your Partner Is Hiding Emotions? Study Reveals Couples May Miss Cues

New research from psychologists reveals that couples are likely to miss cues about their partner’s emotions. The study suggests how one can miss cues from his or her partner that they are hiding emotions in regards to the relationship.

Life & Style March 2, 2017

Netflix March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Series Being Added And Leaving Instant Streaming

New movies and TV series coming to Netflix in March include “Pete’s Dragon,’ and ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist.’

Movies/TV Shows February 23, 2017

Pizza Lovers Can Now Create A Wedding Registry At Domino’s

Domino’s is letting customers celebrate love at first slice by creating a wedding registry with the pizza chain.

Life & Style February 10, 2017

Mental Viagra Hormone May Boost Sexual Desire In Men

The hormone kisspeptin associated with puberty may help men who suffer from psychosexual problems. The hormone was shown to boost the behavioral circuit linked to sex and love.

Neuroscience January 24, 2017

Real-Life 'Fault In Our Stars' Couple: Katie Prager Dies 5 Days After Husband Dalton's Death

It was a love story like no other. Almost a week after her husband Dalton passed away, Katie Prager died of cystic fibrosis at her home in Kentucky. Although their time together was cut short, their story remains a heartwarming inspiration.

September 23, 2016

Real-Life 'Fault In Our Stars' Husband, Dalton Prager, Dies

Dalton Prager, hailed as a real-life 'The Fault In Our Stars' husband, died on Saturday, Sept. 17 at a St. Louis hospital. The heroic love and marriage of Dalton and Katie despite cystic fibrosis has been awe-inspiring.

Medicine September 19, 2016

Real-Life ‘Fault In Our Stars’: Couple With Cystic Fibrosis Fighting Odds To Be Together

Let a real-life 'Fault in Our Stars' couple show you how loving is done. They may be sick but the couple, who have cystic fibrosis, are fighting with all they’ve got to stay together.

Life & Style September 12, 2016

The Best Valentine's Day Movies Hopeless Romantics Should Stream On Netflix

Feel the love this Valentine's Day by streaming these Netflix movies that include timeless classic and hilarious rom-coms.

Internet Culture February 13, 2016

NASA Has Mars-Themed Valentine's Day E-Cards

For your unapologetically nerdy lover.

Space February 3, 2016

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video February 2016: The Best Of What’s New To Streaming

Here are the new movies and TV series being added to the three popular streaming service platforms in the month of February.

Internet Culture January 31, 2016

Genes That Determine Height Influence Physical Attraction

Scientists found that physical attraction is influenced partly by genes that determine one’s height. So in the case of a tall guy hitting on a tall girl, genes could likely be held responsible as well.

Life January 24, 2016

Netflix Announces Premiere Dates For 'Orange Is The New Black,' 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,' And More

Netflix announced the premiere dates of both returning series as well as some new ones during the Television Critics Association's press tour on Sunday.

Internet Culture January 18, 2016

Judd Apatow's Netflix Original Series 'Love' Gets February 19 Release Date

Netflix's original romantic comedy 'Love,' created by Judd Apatow, will hit the streaming platform in February.

Movies/TV Shows January 4, 2016

This Tinder Robot Can Find Your Soulmate By The Amount Your Hands Sweat

A graduate student at NYU has created a robot yente that can find your match on Tinder by measuring how sweaty your hands are.

Apps/Software December 14, 2015

The 7 Best Wedding Planning Apps Brides And Grooms Should Download Now

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Make the experience more organized and easy-to-manage by downloading these seven wedding planning apps.

Feature May 15, 2015

You May Be Shocked By The Most Popular Word Used In Online Dating Profiles created an interactive map based on data from online dating profiles in 2014 to find what is the most-used word in each state.

Internet Culture April 25, 2015

Cheesy Truth: Grilled Cheese Lovers Have More Sex And Likely Make For Better Lovers

Survey reveals those who love grilled cheese are getting busier in the bedroom and likely more adventuresome when getting busy given they also like to travel more than their non-loving grilled cheese counterparts. Favorite bread for grilled cheese is white bread by the way.

Internet Culture April 13, 2015

Here’s What To Expect On A First Date In 2015

According to a survey from Chillisauce, here is what you can expect on a first date in 2015.

Feature April 13, 2015

Would You Save Your Ex Or Current Girlfriend? This Guy Is Forced To Decide

A young man had to choose between his current and ex-girlfriend when they both jumped into a river and he could only save one.

Internet Culture March 20, 2015

Kissing Skeletons Show That 'Love Has No Labels' In This PSA

Skeletons are usually pretty creepy, but they couldn't be more cuddly in this new PSA from the Ad Council that's going viral. It is guaranteed to give you (good) chills.

Internet Culture March 4, 2015

Couple Married 67 Years Died Holding Hands

One couple had been together since 1940 and married since 1947. They spent most of their lives together, so dying together seemed like the best way to go.

Internet Culture February 28, 2015

Kentucky Woman Exchanges Kidney For Heart: Kidney Donation Leads To Love

It was just an act of kindness that didn't seek anything in return. Ashley McIntyre did get something in return for donating her kidney, however -- a life of love.

Life February 13, 2015

What Is Love? These 8 Studies Will Help Demystify The Science Behind It

You may be thinking about your own love life this Valentine's Day. But as much as love seems to be about passion and chance, there's actually a lot of science behind it.

Feature February 12, 2015

The History Of Valentine's Day Is Not As Romantic As You Think

These days, Valentine's Day is the loveliest day of the year. However, the holiday dedicated to all things romance, candy hearts and chocolates didn't start out that way.

Feature February 10, 2015

The Best TED Talks About Love That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Whether this is your favorite holiday or you wince at the sight of candy hearts, everyone could use a greater understanding of love.

Feature February 6, 2015

Cuddle Con Is For Those Who Don’t Want To Spend Valentine’s Day Alone

Cuddle Con, which is held in Portland, Oregon, is an event for those looking to spend Valentine’s Day with a little loving.

Internet Culture February 1, 2015

McDonald’s Will Now Let You Pay For Food With Selfies And Hugs

In an ad that will be aired during the Super Bowl, McDonald’s announced it will let lucky customers pay for their order with love.

Internet Culture February 1, 2015

This Toilet Is Probably More Popular On Tinder Than You

An associate editor decided to try out Tinder for the first time and decided to make his profile a toilet. Alex Scola, an associate editor at Distractify is the man behind the 25-year-old toilet he named Oliet. It turns out Oliet is quite popular and has gotten over 100 matches in just 24-hours.

Internet Culture January 23, 2015

These Are Scientifically The Best Questions To Ask On A First Date

A study published in 1997 found that asking personal questions on a first date could lead to love, and the findings still apply today.

Internet Culture January 13, 2015

Barack and Michelle Obama's First Date Is Being Made Into A Movie

The Obamas' first date is set to be the plot in a new biopic called 'Southside With You' that is expected to start filming next July.

Movies/TV Shows December 6, 2014

Love at first like: Couples are getting married after meeting on Instagram

Instagram seems to be more than just an app for the selfie obsessed. Couples are documenting their romances after finding love on Instagram.

Internet Culture October 24, 2014

Heartbroken Chinese woman spends a week living in KFC

After a painful breakup, one woman decided all she needed were some chicken wings to soothe her soul. A week's worth of chicken wings, that is.

Internet Culture October 22, 2014

Scientists decode how love hormone or oxytocin influence female mice sexual interest in males

Researchers discovered that silencing a group of oxytocin-responsive neurons in the medial prefrontal cortex of the brain resulted in female mice to be no longer interested in male mice during estrus when they are typically sexually receptive.

October 11, 2014

How love evolves in a relationship in two charts

A recent YouGov survey found how people feel about their partner in relationships of varying lengths. Just because you've been in a relationship for a long time doesn't mean you'll have a happily ever after.

Internet Culture October 6, 2014

Certain look can tell you where your relationship is headed, new research says

Latest University of Chicago research reveals that a person's gaze could reveal their true intentions. A person's eyes will focus on another's facial features when their interest is romance but tend to focus on the body alone when the interest is purely sexual.

Life July 18, 2014

Love hormone cure for anorexia? Possibly

Two new studies have shown evidence that oxytocin can help address the negative emotions of those suffering from anorexia. Also known to lower the level of anxiety in people with autism, oxytocin as a cure for anorexia is a potential option, considering the high cost of treatment for the eating disorder.

Life March 14, 2014

Biggest loser: College sweetheart love makes 454 lbs man shed 276 lbs

A Virginia man lost the love of his life and gained hundreds of pounds. After seeing her again, he became determined to lose it all.

Life February 20, 2014

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