'Star Wars Battlefront' Stormtrooper Revealed Ahead Of Friday Gameplay Debut


For a long time it seemed like Star Wars Battlefront would never see the light of day. When the studio that developed the original games was shut down, it looked like a second sequel to the best-selling Star Wars game ever made just wasn't going to happen. After all, how many franchises continue on after the team responsible falls apart?

When EA was given the exclusive rights to produce Star Wars games, no one knew what to expect - then, at E3 2013, EA revealed that DICE (the studio behind the Battlefield and Mirror's Edge series) would be reviving Battlefront for next-generation consoles.

Unfortunately, any excitement slowly faded away, as fans would spend the next two years with almost nothing to go on - many began to think that something had gone wrong with the game's development.

Thankfully, that wasn't the case: EA announced that Star Wars Battlefront's gameplay debut would take place at Star Wars Celebration this Friday. While the full gameplay debut is still a few hours away, EA is already teasing fans with a few tiny snippets of information - including a first look at the game's new Stormtroopers:

At this point, it's hard to tell if the Stormtrooper is an in-game asset or merely a rendering of the soldier's armor. Without more context, it's impossible to tell, but one thing's for certain: if that's what the characters are going to look like in the game, then Star Wars Battlefront is going to be very, very pretty.

As for the armor itself, it looks like a modification of the Sandtrooper armor that fans saw back in Episode IV: A New Hope. Then again, it could simply be a variation on the standard Stormtrooper armor, or it could be a look at one of the game's new classes - again, without more context, there's really no telling what it is.

Of course, the above image isn't the only thing that's come out of Star Wars Celebration so far, as one fan managed to snap a photo of the massive banner that EA is using to conceal its booth:

Firstly, it's gorgeous.

Secondly, it's hard to tell if the banner is simply promotional art, or if fans are getting their first look at the game's cover. It does fall in line with a few of the tropes set by the Battlefield series (a lone soldier, a blue backdrop, vehicles in the background), but without an official confirmation from EA, there's no way of knowing for sure. Also, have you seen how pretty it is?

Sure, the pictures aren't much, but fans don't have much longer to wait before EA really shows the game off: Star Wars Battlefront is set to make its gameplay debut on Friday, April 17.

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