LG unveils Smart Lamp: Intelligent bulb links with iOS and Android devices


The future of home lighting is finally here. At least that's what LG Electronics thinks after unveiling a new type of "smart bulb."

As a light bulb, LG's new LED Smart Lamp has pretty solid specifications. It uses LED technology, which is considered as more durable and more power efficient compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. The LED Smart Lamp is rated to last up to 10 years of daily usage assuming it's turned on for around 5 hours per day. LG also says [in Korean] its new bulb is more than 80 percent more efficient compared to similarly rated incandescent bulbs. It comes in two colors and it can be used with standard light bulb sockets.

All in all, the LED Smart Lamp appears to be a fairly standard LED light. However, things get more interesting because unlike other LED bulbs, LG's new "smart bulb" has a nifty new trick; Bluetooth connectivity. This new bulb can interface with a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets and other "smart" devices. After installing a purpose built app, home owners will be able to take control of their home's light bulbs with a few taps and finger swipes on a mobile phone.

LG's LED Smart Lamp is compatible with devices running Android version 4.3 or higher and iOS 6.0 or higher. It suffices to say that Bluetooth connectivity is required for the connection to work. After the app is installed and the devices are paired, homeowners will be able to turn their lights on and off using their smartphones. LG also says that the app will also be able to control the brightness of the bulbs. Moreover, home owners will also be able to schedule exactly when a bulb will turn on and off using their smart phones. The bulbs can also be linked to an alarm clock function, automatically turning the bulbs on during mornings or turning them off right before bedtime.

LG's Smart lighting system also has a handy dandy "security mode" that will allow home owners to turn on the lights to make it appear as if someone if home even if the house is empty.

While the features sound interesting and some of the modes actually sound usable in practical applications LG's new LED Smart Lamp isn't all work and no play. The bulb also has a "Play Mode" that can be used to sync the lightbulb with music. When playing music on a smart phone or even a smart TV, the bulb automatically pulses along to the beat.  This feature sounds pretty handy for impromptu dance parties when mom and dad are away for the weekend.

LG's LED Smart Lamp will retail for 35,000 won (around $32.5 US) for a 60 watt bulb. 

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