Screen aficionados have something new to get addicted to again. Question is: Will they have the money for this latest expensive addiction? It doesn't come cheap, you know.

The world leader in TV technology for eight years just announced that the Home Entertainment product lineup for 2014 is now available.

"In 2014, we've once again asserted our leadership in the home entertainment space by delivering the next big thing across our product categories," said executive vice president Joe Stinziano of Samsung Electronics America.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. showcased its newest and trendiest televisions at a home-entertainment exhibition on March 20 at Guggenheim Museum in New York City, revealing prices for each as well.

"From our full lineup of UHD and curved TVs to our Shape Wireless Audio-Multiroom Systems and content partnerships, we pride ourselves on offering consumers the ecosystem of choice, with beautifully designed premium home entertainment products that best suit their lifestyles," Stinziano also said.

The new product lineup includes the U9000 Series of Curved Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs that are between 55-105 inches, Flat UHD TVs of 55-85 inch in size, and many other home audio products. The tech giant optimized these TVs for its U.S. customers.

Consumers can expect an over-the-top experience for its 2014 Curved UHD TVs, which the company said would essentially change how the world watches TVs. Its curved screen gives viewers an experience entirely different from flat screens, aside from the fact that it has a wider field of view to bring about a panoramic effect. This panoramic effect, in turn, provides an added effect that makes the display look even bigger than it really is.

Buyers might have to reach deep in their pockets for these new products though. For instance, its U9000 Curved UHD TVs are at $4,000 for 55- inch model, $5,000 for 65-inch and $8,000 for 75-inch.

Samsung divulged its plans for this year's TV product lineup but kept mum on the details of its pricing and date of availability earlier this year. From OLED TVs, the company shifted its focus to producing LCD-based UHD TVs. It grabbed in January more than half of the market in North America for its Ultra HD TVs, based on the data compiled by the NPD. There are reports that Samsung will increase its investments on LCDs by as much as 14 percent. In 2013, it invested around $2.78 billion for such panels that produce crystal-clear images.

Earlier this month, Samsung expressed its plan to establish deeper ties with Hollywood-based film studios so as to provide varied content to its users as well as to come up with distributions system in finding solutions for copyright issues. It was a plan that materialized in time as it revealed on March 20 its expanded 4k content partnership with 20th Century Fox.

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