Today is April 20, better known as 420 or National Weed Day, the annual "holiday" where pot smokers around the world toke up to celebrate their love for the plant.

Whether you smoke for recreational or medicinal purposes (medical marijuana is legal in 23 states), chances are your head might be too clouded right now to have thought about what munchies you will snack on today to cure your cravings. Whether you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, excite your taste buds with something fiery, or just want something greasy to go with the best stoner movies to watch today on Netflix, we've got your covered.

The ultimate 420 snack guide breaks down the best food choice, along with its honorable mention, that will cure every kind of much craving known to mankind. Get your taste buds blasted with these tasty treats.

Best Classic Chocolate Snack: Hostess Cupcakes

If you are looking for something, well, baked, then this is the treat for you. Hostess Cupcakes taste divine at any time, especially when you are craving something sweet. The chocolate cake part is always moist, and that cream filling just puts us on cloud nine. There is no better classic chocolate snack than a Hostess Cupcake, but if your local munchie store doesn't have these snacks, then you can make your own by using Devil's Food Cupcake mix, and butter, sugar, vanilla and marshmallow cream for the filling.

Honorable Mention: Cosmic Brownies

Cosmic Brownies are fudgy and chewy, making it the perfect chocolaty treat. These brownies with their rainbow candies on top were probably in most lunch boxes when you were a kid, but if you can't find a box in stores, then you can make your own with this recipe that enhances the chocolate flavor while staying true to the Cosmic Brownie texture.

Best Savory Snack: Spaghetti-Os Cupcakes with Velveeta Frosting and Goldfish Sprinkles

Yup, you read this right. If you are looking for something savory but still sweet, then you have to check out the Spaghetti-Os Cupcakes with Velveeta Frosting and Goldfish Sprinkles. This snack is part sweet, part cheesy, but also part savory. It combines the best tastes of the best junk foods, as the title suggests, all in one bite. All you need is a can of SpaghettiOs, a box of yellow cake mix, flour, oil and eggs. Let this bake while you bake and then enjoy.

Honorable Mention: Bacon Fried Oreos

The best savory food on the planet hands down goes to bacon. And our honorable mention goes to the latest sweet meets savory snack item that is making its rounds on the internet, Bacon Fried Oreos. All you need to do is wrap slices of bacon around Oreo cookies and fry them.

Best Spicy Snack: Buffalo Wings

Sometimes all you want to do is munch on some chicken wings that pack the punch. Buffalo Wings in general are the best spicy snack to have no matter what day it is. If you are in the middle of a That's 70 Show circle, then order from your favorite take-out restaurant, or make your own with this simple recipe.

Honorable Mention: Hot Fries

If you are really looking to heat things up, then look no further than the classic Andy Capp's Hot Fries. These snacks don't disappoint when it comes to spicing things up, so just make sure you have some water nearby when your mouth catches on fire.

Best Sour Snack: Warheads

There is no snack more sour than WARHEADS. You will most definitely get the giggles after watching your friends make their sour face after popping one of these candies in their mouth. At least they turn sweet, but not before triggering a sour explosion.

Honorable Mention: Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers are perfectly part sour, sweet and gooey. It's snacks like these that are great for movie marathons or when you just can't stop snacking on some candy. You can find find in just about any food store, or can make your own here.

Best Salty Snack: Funyuns

You may be really thirsty right now, but that may not stop you from craving something salty. Hands down the best salty snack has to be Funyuns onion rings. These rings just scream munchie snack, so make sure you have more than one bag in the house so you don't have to share with friends.

Honorable Mention: Lay's Salt & Vinegar

If you have the munchies, it's a necessity to have a bag of chips. But it you are craving something salty, then Lay's Salt & Vinegar is by far the best bag to indulge in.

Best Cheesy Snack: Mac n Cheese Mozzarella Bombs

This snack is legit the bomb. If you are a cheese lover, the Mac n Cheese Mozzarella Bombs are an explosion of cheese that is perfectly gooey. All you have to do is make the mac n cheese and combine flour, eggs, mozzarella cubes, and bread crumbs, roll them into balls and fry them in oil.

Honorable Mention: Cheetos

How could you go wrong with a quick, crunch and cheesy snack? Sometimes going simple is all you need when you lose motivation to leave the couch. Cheetos packs all that cheese flavor in a finger-licking-good snack. Plus what says munchie snack more than classic right out the bag favorites?

Best Fast Food Snack: In-N-Out's Monkey Style Burger

Science hasn't quite put it's finger on what about smoking weed makes you us so hungry. But one thing's for sure, whether it's because it heightens your taste senses or increases dopamine, you will probably be craving some greasy fast food with all the trimmings to snack on.

The best food "snack" to cure the ultimate 420 munchies goes to the Monkey Style burger at In-N-Out. The Monkey Style is really not on the menu, but is pretty much an Animal Style burger, which has the traditional trimmings along with pickles, extra spread, grilled onions and mustard. To make this Animal a Monkey, simply add in some fries. The burger and fries combo never tasted so good.

Honorable Mention: Chipotle's Quesarito

Not all of us are lucky enough to live by an In-N-Out chain. Luckily, the next best thing to munch on is at the popular chain Chipotle. Go on a quest to find the urban legend of the Chipotle Quesarito, which really does exist. The quasarto is pretty much a cheese quesadilla as the burrito shell, which makes the meal the perfect cheese to meat ratio. Let's just hope you don't get into a Harold and Kumar situation while on your way to ordering it.

Just remember, to have Ben & Jerry's half baked ice cream for dessert!

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