Comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment announced last month it would be bringing its comic book universe to the big screen. Now we know what the first two films from the indie comic publisher will be and when to expect them.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Valiant is partnering with Sony Pictures to bring Bloodshot and Harbinger to theaters starting in 2017. The plan is for each film to then receive a sequel before building towards a movie based on the crossover event comic Harbinger Wars.

John Wick directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are attached to direct Bloodshot, based on the Valiant character of the same name. A man with no memory of his past, Bloodshot has been transformed into a secret weapon by a secret U.S. government organization through the use of nanobots. The microscopic bots flowing through Bloodshot's veins make him near-invincible, as they grant him the ability to regenerate from wounds that would kill any normal human. Writers Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) and Eric Heisserer (The Thing 2011) crafted the film's screenplay.

Valiant's other film franchise will be Harbinger, an X-Men-esque tale of people born with various psychic abilities. These gifted teens are sought out by the mysterious Toyo Harada and his Harbinger Foundation, who seek to build a better world (by whatever means necessary.) No directors are currently attached to Harbinger, but the film's screenplay comes from Heisserer. Both films will be produced by Dinesh Shamdasani from Valiant, along with Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe (The Fast and Furious franchise, 21 Jump Street) and Andrea Giannetti from Sony.

If all goes according to plan, the two film franchises will then clash together in Harbinger Wars, as Bloodshot and a group of psychic teens are pitted against one another.

It remains to be seen just how many comic book cinematic universes audiences will be willing to stomach, but if nothing else Valiant has a strong lineup of talent and characters to pull from. We recently named the comic company one of the hottest publishers in the business.

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